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  1. isosorbide dinitrate
  2. flucytosine
  3. ethosuximide
  4. filgrastim
  5. dipyrimadole
  1. a Antiepileptic. Specifically blocks T-type Ca channels within thalamus. 1st line for ABSENCE seizures.
  2. b antimetabolite antifungal, targets nucleic acid synthesis
  3. c G-CSF. Stimulates production and function of neutrophils. Used after cancer chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant and in AML.
  4. d Antiplatelet. Phosphodiesterase inhibitor (inhibits platelet aggregation).
  5. e longer term nitrate for angina, given subligually and orally

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  1. Antiplatelet. Monoclonal antibody that antagonises GIIb/a receptor on platelets, prevents binding of fibrinogen to platelets. Hospital use only.
  2. Vasopressin analogue. Normalises haemostasis in vWD for several hours, used for minor procedures such as dental extraction.
  3. class III antiarrhythmic.non-selective B blocker with class III activity (prolongs AP and refractory period)
  4. Obtained from blood donations. Contains concentrated vWF, given in severe vWD.
  5. Antiepileptic. GABA agonist (inhibits GABA - t, which metabolises GABA), and also blocks high freq firing through Na+ channels. 1st line in generalised seizures (both TONIC-CLONIC and absence), 2nd line in PARTIAL seziures. SEs: weight gain, alopecia, cyp450 inhibition, spina bifida in foetuses

    ALSO used as mood stabiliser in acute manic phase of bipolar disorder (particuarly with patients that rapidly cycle through manic depressive phases)

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  1. amorolfineAntihypertensive (esp. in emergency) vasodilator (mainly arteriolar). Interferes with IP3 on Ca release from SR.


  2. alteplase (rTPA)Depletes DA within brain, used for Huntington's disease.


  3. beta blockersDepletes DA within brain, used for Huntington's disease.


  4. acetazolamideAntiepileptic. Specifically blocks T-type Ca channels within thalamus. 1st line for ABSENCE seizures.


  5. albendazoleBenzimidazole - antihelmintic for intestinal nematodes e.g. threadworm, hookworm, whipworm, roundworm. Impairs microtubule synthesis.
    Absorbed from GIT, drug of choice for mixed intestinal worm infection, also active against some protozoa and cestodes e.g. tissue tapeworms.


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