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  1. clotrimazole
  2. abciximab
  3. terbutaline, orcipenaline
  4. bromocriptine
  5. acetazolamide
  1. a Antiplatelet. Monoclonal antibody that antagonises GIIb/a receptor on platelets, prevents binding of fibrinogen to platelets. Hospital use only.
  2. b short acting beta agonists (relievers for asthma).
  3. c Antihypertensive. Diuretic. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor (acts at PCT) which inhibits H+ secretion and Na+ reabsorption.
  4. d DA agonist (directly stimulates D2 receptors in PD). SEs: nausea, hypotension, psychological effects, pleural effusions, retroperitoneal fibrosis, vasospasm. Used in combination with levodopa (reduces wearing off symptoms).
  5. e an imidazole antifungal (targets ergosterol synthesis via 14-aemethylase) - only used topically (vaginal/ skin)

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  1. Fibrinolytic. Plasminogen activator. Used only in acute thrombotic or embolic stroke.
  2. Antiplatelet. Blocks ADP receptor on platelets, therefore inhibits ADP-induced platelet aggregation. May cause severe bleeding.
  3. Benzimidazole - antihelmintic for intestinal nematodes e.g. threadworm, hookworm, whipworm, roundworm. Impairs microtubule synthesis.
    Pooly absorbed from GIT, few SEs.
  4. aldoterone antagonist potassium-sparing diuretics (act on late DCT and collecting tubules). Used for CHF, and with thiazide or loop diuretics to produce diuresis without hypokalaemia.
  5. long acting beta agonists (symptom controllers for asthma). contraindicated with antihypertensives.

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  1. carbidopa, benserazideDDCIs, used in combination with levodopa in PD.


  2. ferrous sulphateOral iron therapy for iron deficiency anaemia. Continued for 2 - 3 months. SEs: nausea, abdominal cramps, constipation/ diarrhoea


  3. griseofulvinantifungal that targets nuclear division (inhibits microtubules)


  4. cryoprecipitateObtained from blood donations. Contains concentrated vWF, given in severe vWD.


  5. hydralazineAntihypertensive (esp. in emergency) vasodilator (mainly arteriolar). Interferes with IP3 on Ca release from SR.


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