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  1. hydrochlorothiazide, indapamide
  2. dipyrimadole
  3. fluticasone, budesonide
  4. aspirin
  5. carbamazapine
  1. a thiazide diuretics (act on distal tubule, increase Na+ and K+ excretion, decrease Ca+ excretion. initially reduced CO, longer term normal CO, decreased TPR). Used for hypertension, diabetes insipidus, and oedema due to CHF, renal or hepatic disease.
  2. b Antiplatelet. COX inhibitor. Indications: arterial thrombosis (e.g. stroke and MI prevention, post- surgery). Not useful for venous thrombosis.
  3. c Antiepileptic. Use-dependent Na+ blockade. 1st line for partial and generalised TONIC-CLONIC seizures. SEs: cyp450 inducer, bone marrow depression

    ALSO used as mood stabiliser in acute manic phase of bipolar disorder (particuarly with patients that rapidly cycle through manic depressive phases)
  4. d Antiplatelet. Phosphodiesterase inhibitor (inhibits platelet aggregation).
  5. e corticosteroids (preventers for asthma)

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  1. loop diuretics (act on thick ascending limb to block Na+/K+2Cl- transporter). Used for salt/ water overload associated with acute pulmonary oedema, CHF, liver cirrhosis and renal failure.
  2. GABA agonist used for Huntington's disease.
  3. COMT inhibitors, used alone or with levodopa and DDCIs (prolongs half life of levodopa). Used in PD.
  4. Antiprotozoal e.g. amoebiasis, giardiasis, trichomoniasis. Also used for some bacterial anaerobes. Nitroimidazoles, interfere with DNA synthesis. e.g. trichomonas vaginalis
  5. non- cardioselective calcium channel blockers for angina and hypertension (induce vasodilation, decrease afterload and preload), INCREASE HR (reflex)

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  1. clonidine, methyl dopaCentrally acting alpha2 adrenoreceptor agonists (sympathetic inhib). Vasodilatory. Rarely used for hypertension. SEs: sedation, depression, rebound HT on withdrawal


  2. atenolol, metoprololB1 selective antagonist for angina, hypertension and arrhythmia (class II)


  3. beta blockersclass of drugs for angina, reduce oxygen demand by reducing heart rate e.g. atenolol, metoprolol, propanolol


  4. chlorpomazineDA antagonist used for Huntington's disease.


  5. fluconazolea triazole antifungal (targets ergosterol synthesis via 14-aemethylase) - used topically and orally. Penetrates well into brain - used for cryptococcal meningitis


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