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  1. ethosuximide
  2. clonidine, methyl dopa
  3. capsofungin
  4. terbutaline, orcipenaline
  5. ipratropium
  1. a short acting beta agonists (relievers for asthma).
  2. b antifungal that targets cell wall synthesis - IV use only for invasive aspergillosis
  3. c Antiepileptic. Specifically blocks T-type Ca channels within thalamus. 1st line for ABSENCE seizures.
  4. d infrequently used antimuscarinic broncodilator for asthma. produces bronchodilation by blocking vagal tone.
  5. e Centrally acting alpha2 adrenoreceptor agonists (sympathetic inhib). Vasodilatory. Rarely used for hypertension. SEs: sedation, depression, rebound HT on withdrawal

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  1. DA agonist (directly stimulates D2 receptors in PD). SEs: nausea, hypotension, psychological effects, pleural effusions, retroperitoneal fibrosis, vasospasm. Used in combination with levodopa (reduces wearing off symptoms).
  2. Antihypertensive (esp. in emergency) vasodilator (mainly arteriolar). Interferes with IP3 on Ca release from SR.
  3. PD drug (mild relief in early stage PD), action unclear.
  4. Antihypertensive. Osmotic diuretic, acts on whole nephron. Blocks tubular water resorption and reduces Na+ resorption rate.
  5. B1 selective antagonist for angina, hypertension and arrhythmia (class II)

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  1. theophylineinfrequently used broncodilator for asthma. contains methylxantine that relaxes smooth muscle.


  2. streptokinaseFibrinolytic. Activates plasminogen (which converts fibrin to fibrin degradation products). Indications: AMI, PE


  3. hydroxocobalaminVitamin B12 deficiency therapy, IM. In pernicious anaemia and with neuroinvolvement, life-long therapy.


  4. amorolfineantifungal that disrupts cell membrane synthesis. used in laquer for nails to treat onychomycoses


  5. chlorpomazineAntihypertensive (esp. in emergency) vasodilator (mainly arteriolar). Interferes with IP3 on Ca release from SR.


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