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  1. immunity
  2. assess
  3. agility
  4. dwindle
  5. elapse
  1. a to determine the rate of charge or the amount to be paid; to evaluate
  2. b the state of being free from; protection, especially from a disease or prosecution
  3. c to slip away or to pass (as with time)
  4. d to become less and less; to decrease
  5. e an ability to move quickly and easily

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  1. a thin layer of valuable wood put over other wood; an outwardly attractive appearance that hides what is underneath
  2. to come into view; to become visible
  3. to lessen in value or in price; to belittle
  4. to draw back or in; to withdraw
  5. sympathy for someone's grief or sorrow; an expression of sympathy

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  1. maintenancesupport or upkeep of something; means of support or livelihood


  2. waryto slip away or to pass (as with time)


  3. surpassto excel; to go beyond the limit of


  4. complyto act in accordance with a request, custom, or rule


  5. susceptibleeasily influenced or affected


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