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  1. 3 Elements of Unconscionable Contracts
  2. Necessaries
  3. The infancy contract
  4. Contractual capacity
  5. Court may... (Uncon. Con.)
  1. a reshape the contract to eliminate the unreasonable portion or refuse to enforce the contract
  2. b food, shelter, clothing, medical services, definitely. ( Quasi contract - adults get to recover). Cars, education, working tools, may depend on circumstances.
  3. c who may enter into a contract
  4. d 1) the parties have unequal bargaining power 2) the dominant party uses this power to enter into an unfair contract 3) the weaker party has no reasonable alternative
  5. e minors can disaffirm contracts

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  1. defendant needs to sign it the only one who needs to sign.
  2. enforceable is reasonable with respect to 1) the line of business 2) the geographic location protected - limited to immediate region 3) the duration - shorter the more reasonable
  3. editing from a legal perspective. blue is nice and soothing, change the facts to reasonable ones.
  4. basically any writing can be introduced. must be signed by the defendant.
  5. must return the minor to the status quo - i.e., as if the contract never happened. thus, any money will be returned - called the duty of restitution

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  1. Considerationrendered before the promisor's promise was made - not valid consideration - not bargained for


  2. Pre-existing duty rule - if sale of goodsno need for consideration if done in good faith


  3. Past consideration"Quid pro quo" - something of legal value given for a promise


  4. Contracts that lack considerationrendered before the promisor's promise was made - not valid consideration - not bargained for


  5. Illegal contracts are voidneither party can sue for nonperformance. even if part of the contract has been performed the court will leave party where they found them


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