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  1. status quo
  2. call back
  3. plot
  4. Action
  5. Farce
  1. a genre associated with anarchic and unbelievable situations. The film Death at a Funeral is an example of a farce.
  2. b the stable situations at the beginning of a plot, before the dramatic question is asked.
  3. c Aristotle said that the plot was the "life and soul of the drama".
  4. d an event that changes the status quo in the plot of the play
  5. e When an actor gets asked back for a second reading for a part in a play.

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  1. A sad story with a happy ending
  2. The agents for the action
  3. The Russia n actor/director who developed a widely used system for analyzing a character.
  4. main idea or theme
  5. a tryout for a part in a play

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  1. major dramatic questionThe choice, sequence, and arrangement of the playwright's words


  2. role/rollThe entirety of a character's part in a play


  3. agentA person who represents an actor by soliciting employment and negotiating contracts in exchange for 10 percent of the actor's salary.


  4. emotional recallWhen an actor remembers how he or she felt in a similar situation in real life and substitutes that feeling for the character's emotional state during the performance of a role.


  5. MelodramaThe plot is good versus evil. Star Wars is an example of melodrama


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