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  1. turning point
  2. Tragicomedy
  3. Constantin Stanislavsky
  4. domestic comedy
  5. status quo
  1. a Topics focus on family issues.
  2. b the stable situations at the beginning of a plot, before the dramatic question is asked.
  3. c The Russia n actor/director who developed a widely used system for analyzing a character.
  4. d A sad story with a happy ending
  5. e the part in the play when a change happens that inevitably leads to the answering of the dramatic question. Also known as the crisis.

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  1. The speeches the characters say. The playwright's primary material.
  2. the description of a plot of a play where the action develops in chronological order without flashbacks
  3. also known as tragedy. The word derives from the ancient Greek religious ceremonies at which a god was sometimes depicted as having attributes of a goat.
  4. A person who represents an actor by soliciting employment and negotiating contracts in exchange for 10 percent of the actor's salary.
  5. The entirety of a character's part in a play

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  1. auditiona tryout for a part in a play


  2. tragedyA sad story with a happy ending


  3. spectacleWhat a character has to overcome to achieve their objective.


  4. major dramatic questionThe plot is good versus evil. Star Wars is an example of melodrama


  5. FarceThe agents for the action


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