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  1. turning point
  2. tragedy
  3. diction
  4. Action
  5. Tragicomedy
  1. a - A serious play that makes you feel exhilarated because the hero's experience teaches you some profound truth about your life and affirms that your worst expectations about life are true.
  2. b an event that changes the status quo in the plot of the play
  3. c The choice, sequence, and arrangement of the playwright's words
  4. d A sad story with a happy ending
  5. e the part in the play when a change happens that inevitably leads to the answering of the dramatic question. Also known as the crisis.

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  1. the stable situations at the beginning of a plot, before the dramatic question is asked.
  2. - the question posed early on in the play and keeps the audience interested until it is answered at the plot's resolution.
  3. main idea or theme
  4. The Russia n actor/director who developed a widely used system for analyzing a character.
  5. Written by Aristotle, the earliest known essay analyzing theatre.

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  1. inciting eventThe point in the plot when the major dramatic question is asked.


  2. Linearthe description of a plot of a play where the action develops in chronological order without flashbacks


  3. domestic comedyA sad story with a happy ending


  4. DialogueThe choice, sequence, and arrangement of the playwright's words


  5. realismA style of theatrical production and dramatic writing that imitates selected traits of the language and appearance of everyday life.


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