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  1. Poetics
  2. Farce
  3. audition
  4. status quo
  5. cinematic
  1. a a tryout for a part in a play
  2. b Written by Aristotle, the earliest known essay analyzing theatre.
  3. c genre associated with anarchic and unbelievable situations. The film Death at a Funeral is an example of a farce.
  4. d Where the arrangement of the plot presents flashbacks and subjective scenes other than chronological order.
  5. e the stable situations at the beginning of a plot, before the dramatic question is asked.

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  1. the visual aspects of a production
  2. the description of a plot of a play where the action develops in chronological order without flashbacks
  3. What a character has to overcome to achieve their objective.
  4. A style of theatrical production and dramatic writing that imitates selected traits of the language and appearance of everyday life.
  5. an event that changes the status quo in the plot of the play

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  1. DialogueThe speeches the characters say. The playwright's primary material.


  2. role/rollThe entirety of a character's part in a play


  3. objectiveThe character's main goal


  4. MelodramaThe entirety of a character's part in a play


  5. CharacterThe agents for the action


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