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  1. compliment
  2. prey
  3. optimism
  4. monotonous
  5. valor
  1. a tendency to take most hopeful or cheerful view of matters and to expect the best possible outcome
  2. b congratulate; express esteem or admiration to; pay a commendation to
  3. c 1. animal hunted for food by another animal 2. person unable or helpless to resists attack; victim
  4. d boldness or determination in facing great danger; personal bravery in combat; courage
  5. e tiresomely uniform; lacking in variety; unvarying

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  1. assume an air of superiority; patronize
  2. absurdly awkward; fantastic
  3. 1. bubble of foam as if boiling; boil 2. be in a state of excitement or agitation
  4. full of excitement and adventure; fascinately attractive and alluring; captivating; charming
  5. of, relating to, or taking place in a city; municipal

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  1. identifyrecognize or establish as being a particular person or thing; establish the sameness of


  2. periloustime of great danger and instability; emergency; turning point


  3. impendingthreatening to occur soon; imminent; about to happen; approaching


  4. strutwalk in a stiff, pompous way, as if to impress observers; parade with a show of pride; swagger


  5. altercationnoisy or angry dispute; heated arguement; quarrel; wrangle


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