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  1. Palmer Raids
  2. Steel Strike
  3. Fundimentalists
  4. Election of 1932
  5. John Maynard Keynes
  1. a the Republican nominee Herbert Hoover and the Democratic nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Republican platform included higher tariffs, keeping the gold standard, and continuation of Hoover policies. The Democratic platform included the repeal of prohibition, a 25% cut in government spending, unemployment aid, and a "new deal" for America. Roosevelt won with 472 electoral votes and all but 6 states. His victory paved the way for his "New Deal' policies and optimism in the country "nothing to fear but fear itself (Inauguration speech)."
  2. b English economist who advocated the use of government monetary and fiscal policy to maintain full employment without inflation (1883-1946)
  3. c religion, old ways
  4. d Workers wanted shorter working hours and higher wages. Strikebreakers were hired. A report was issued on the harsh working conditions which resulted in an 8 hour work day.
  5. e A 1920 operation coordinated by Attorney General Mitchel Palmer in which federal marshals raided the homes of suspected radicals and the headquarters of radical organization in 32 cities

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  1. the Secretary of the Treasury during the Harding Administration. He felt it was best to invest in tax-exempt securities rather than in factories that provided prosperous payrolls. He believed in trickle down economics. (Hamiltonian economics)
  2. Most instense outbreak of national alarm, began in 1919. Success of communists in Russia, American radicals embracing communism followed by a series of mail bombings frightened Americans. Attorney General A. MItchell Palmer led effort to deport aliens without due processs, with widespread support. Did not last long as some Americans came to their senses. Sacco/Vanzetti trial demonstrated anti-foreign feeling in 20's. Accused of armed robbery & murder, had alibis. "Those anarchists bastards". Sentenced to death and executed.
  3. nicknamed The Kingfish, was an American politician from the U.S. state of Louisiana. A Democrat, he was noted for his radical populist policies. He served as Governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932 and as a U.S. senator from 1932 to 1935. Though a backer of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 presidential election, Long split with Roosevelt in June 1933 and allegedly planned to mount his own presidential bid.
  4. A program to take the money from the wealthy through highly steep income taxes and give it to the poor, who would have a minimum of a $5K estate and an annual income of $2.5K. As a result, enormous amounts would be taken from the rich, limiting their incomes to $1 million and their inheritances to $5 million.
  5. final solution of the Jewish question-murder of every single Jew-had begun-mass arresting, and trafficking of Jews to the concentration camps-mass killings occurred as well in the gas chambers

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  1. Father Charles CaughlinCatholic priest in Michigan who began broadcasting in 1930 and opposed the New Deal. He was pro-fascist and anti-semitic, Caughlin was able to reach 40 million people and was slienced in 1942 because his comments went too far and were considered being sympathetic to the enemy. Not everyone supported Roosevelt and the New Deal. There's always going to be oppositon to any government policy.


  2. Grapes of WrathJune 1940 France and most of Europe was conquered by Germany. Left Britain alone against Hitler


  3. Tripartite Pacta small group of reform minded intellectuals; most young college professors who authored much of the New Deal legislation, help FDR with the New Deal programs.


  4. Dr. J Robert OppenheimerHe led the scientific team that developed the atomic bomb for the United States.


  5. NRANational Recovery Administration: established and adminstered a system of industrial codes to control production, prices, labor relations, and trade practices


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