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  1. Arsenal of Democracy Speech
  2. Bay of Pigs
  3. Alliance for Progress
  4. U2-Incident
  5. John Dulles
  1. a American U2 spy plane shot down by soviet missiles during reconnaissance mission. Eisenhower claimed it to be a weather plane of course, which was totally false. When the film and the pilot's suicide equipment was found in the plane later, he finally confessed. Khrushchev expected an apology which he never received. This hurt US, USSR relations big time, which were improving up to that point. The pilot was tried and sentenced to 15 years in prison in communist court. (some stuff is from movie, so I don't know how much of this u need to know)
  2. b In 1961, Kennedy extended the hand of friendship. Hailed as the Marshall Plan for Latin America, the primary goal was to help fill the gap that was between the rich and poor of our neighbors. (Thus quieting communist agitation). Results: Little alliance, less progress.
  3. c FDR speech, US cant remain neutral, Nazi war aims are world domination, US would become 'great warehouse of the Allies'
  4. d A CIA-backed scheme to topple Fidel Castro. On April 17, 1961, some twelve hundred exiles landed at Cuba's Bay of Pigs. Pinned down, the anti-Castroites surrendered. President Kennedy took full responsibility for the failure. This failed attempt pushed Cuba towards the Soviet Union.
  5. e Secretary of State for Eisenhower, and was major advocator in the fight against communism. He pushed for the US intervention in Vietnam. Guatemala coup d'état mastermind.

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  1. 1938 conference at which Brit, French and German leaders attempted to appease Hitler by turning over the Sudetenland to him in exchange for promise that Germany would not expand Germany's territory any further., 1938 conference at which European leaders attempted to appease Hitler by turning over the Sudetenland to him in exchange for promise that Germany would not expand Germany's territory any further.
  2. Ordered by truman, civil rights. Did little in other areas to promote racial equality, except for this. Had not said anything of his racial views in campaign. Felt bad that though Blacks fought in war to save country, they still came back unappreciated. Partially due to NAACP protest for equality, but Truman was still willing.
  3. Famously boarded a bus, took a seat in the "whites only" section, and refused to give it up (December 1955). She was arrested for violating the city's Jim Crow statues and sparked a yearlong black boycott of the city buses. This event also leads to the rise of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. Used in Churchill's 'Sinews of Peace' Speech. Described 'curtain' falling across eastern Europe, separating them from us
  5. 1940 America traded old WWI Destroyers to Britain for access to naval basses by our east coast.edn of US neutrality

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  1. London Economic conference66 nations to address world- wide economic problems . FDR backs out (gold standard). criticized foreign nations' efforts to stabilize currency


  2. ERAEqual Rights Amendment. No discrimination based on sex. Was almost passed, but was vetoed by Nixon, who argued that it would hurt the family environment.


  3. Warren CommissionAn elaborate official investigation conducted by Chief Justice Earl Warren regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The results were that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy and himself shot to death on TV by a self-appointed avenger, Jack Ruby.


  4. NOWOrganization of American States. Defense , economic, peace organization which also aimed to preserve democracy within the Americas. Like NATO to a lesser degree.


  5. Zoot suit RiotsViolent Black separatist movements who thought Martin L.K.'s solution of civil disobedience to be too passive and slow. Influenced by Malcolm X, Black Panthers, etc. who felt violence was the only way to regain rights, and moreover, Blacks were better than whites.


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