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  1. Teheran Conference
  2. Zoot suit Riots
  3. Iron Curtain Speech
  4. Central High school 1957
  5. MacCarran-Walter Immigration act
  1. a fighting between mexican immigrants and americans, social tensions
  2. b ?
  3. c Little Rock Central High School was the first desegregated school. The resistance to this integration was so strong, Governor Faubus had to call in the national guard to maintain the peace, but they were ordered to withdraw by the US court. This had been the first time since the Civil War that the national guard had to be called to maintain the order. Mayor, Woodrow Mann, urged aid from Eisenhower who sent the 101 Airborne Division to escort the 9 students to school through the protesting crowds.
  4. d 1st meeting of FDR, Churchill and Stalin DDay invasion & Sending troops to Eastern Front committed to by Churchill & FDR
  5. e Used in Churchill's 'Sinews of Peace' Speech. Described 'curtain' falling across eastern Europe, separating them from us

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  1. Organization created by isolationists who argued that the United States should keep out of Europe's business
  2. American civil rights lawyer, first black justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. Marshall was a tireless advocate for the rights of minorities and the poor.
  3. early 1945 - After recapturing France, Allied advance stalled along the German border. Germany staged massive counterattack in Belgium and Luxembourg which pushed a 30 mile "bulge" into the Allied lines. The Allies stopped the German advance and threw them back across the Rhine with heavy losses.
  4. An elaborate official investigation conducted by Chief Justice Earl Warren regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The results were that Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy and himself shot to death on TV by a self-appointed avenger, Jack Ruby.
  5. Separate but equal

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  1. Marshall PlanNew wave of black leaders approaches; he is one of the highlights. Inspired by the militant black nationalists in the Nation of Islam. Malcolm changed his surname from Little to X in order to advertise his lost African identity. He trumpeted black separatism. Eventually moved toward mainstream Islam, which then became his downfall when rival Nation of Islam gunmen shot him in New York (during his speech).


  2. Executive Order 9066Japanese relocation from west coast inland.


  3. Voting Rights Act 1965Eisenhower 20 yr plan to build 41,000 mi of highway, largest public works project in history


  4. March on Washington 1963Martin Luther King speech "I Have a Dream" given. March for Black rights.


  5. Atlantic Chartera general for the U.S. military. commanded allied forces in the South Pacific


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