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  1. The________________ encloses the heart and the proximal ends the large blood vessels to which it makes it attaches
  2. The upper chambers, called_____________ have thin walls and receive blood returning to the heart
  3. Cardiac muscle tissue, the_______________ muscles, project inward from the walls of the ventricle
  4. The__________ conduction system coordinates events of the cardiac cycle
  5. When the left ventricle contracts, the bicuspid valve closes as a result of pressure differences. The only exit is through a large artery, the ___________

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  1. BicuspidA large_______________ valve, with three cusps as its name implies, lies between the right and left ventricle


  2. MyocardiumThe thick middle layer, or _______________ consists mostly of cardiac muscle that forces blood out of the heart chamber


  3. PulmonaryThe_________________ valve allows blood to leave the right ventricle and prevents backflow into the the ventricular chamber


  4. ValveAt the base of the aorta is the arotic___________


  5. PacemakerA_________________ generates the heart's rhythmic contractions


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