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  2. Autonomic Nervous System
  3. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
  5. Anticonvulsant
  1. a lamotrigine (Anticonvulsant)
  2. b The ANS is divided into what two parts?
  3. c gabapentin (Anticonvulsant)
  4. d Involuntary body functions; works whether we are awake or asleep
  5. e LYRICA- pregabalin

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  1. levodopa/carbadopa (Anti-Parkinson's)
  2. pregabalin (Anticonvulsant)
  3. baclofen (Skeletal Muscle Relaxant)
  4. ARICEPT- donepezil
  5. donepezil (Alzheimer's Disease)

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  1. activate digestionWhat is one of the main functions of the Parasympathetic System?


  2. Anti-Parkinson'sCOGENTIN- benztropine


  3. Anticonvulsantdonepezil (Alzheimer's Disease)


  4. Adrenergic Blockers and SympatholyticsWhat are the two drugs that MIMIC the activity of the SNS?


  5. Rest and DigestThe Parasympathetic system is known as what?


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