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  1. Parasympathetic
  2. mimic or block
  5. Norepinephrine and Acetylcholine
  1. a What are the two Neurotransmitters of the ANS?
  2. b Many drugs either _____ or _____ the action of the neurotransmitters.
  3. c baclofen (Skeletal Muscle Relaxant)
  4. d levodopa/carbadopa (Anti-Parkinson's)
  5. e What part of the ANS does Acetylcholine work?

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  1. lamotrigine (Anticonvulsant)
  2. Two drugs that MIMIC the activity of the PNS?
  3. SINEMET- levodopa/carbadopa
  4. COGENTIN- benztropine
  5. DILANTIN- phenytoin

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  1. Alzheimer's DiseaseSINEMET- levodopa/carbadopa


  2. AnticonvulsantTEGRETOL- carbamazepine


  3. Anticonvulsantdonepezil (Alzheimer's Disease)


  4. Skeletal Muscle RelaxantLIORESAL- baclofen


  5. activate digestionThe Parasympathetic system is known as what?


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