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  1. Many other people found their way west thanks to...
  2. The disapointing news the Corps of Discovery had to share with the Prsident Jefferson was
  3. Journey
  4. What happened when they ran out of supplies crossing the rocky mountains?
  5. Who was Sacajawea married to?
  1. a ...the new maps made by Lewis and Clark.
  2. b Tustan Charbana
  3. c There was no water route to the Pacific Ocean
  4. d Trip
  5. e They had to eat candles to stay alive

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  1. North East Passage
  2. It took two years
  3. military
  4. Jean Baptist
  5. To go into a place and learn more about it

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  1. ClarkWho did Meriwether Lewis ask to help him lead the expedition?


  2. translatedsay the words of one language in the words of another language


  3. How long did Lewis and Clark travel before spotting ''Ocean in view''?thousands of miles (half a year)


  4. How did Sacagawea help Lewis and Clark?Sacagawea helped by translating and finding trails.


  5. What was the name of the young Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark?Sacagawea


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