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  1. What was the name of the young Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark?
  2. How did Sacagawea help Lewis and Clark?
  3. What was the Corp forced to eat in the mountains?
  4. Clark
  5. Where did the expedition start?
  1. a Sacagawea helped by translating and finding trails.
  2. b St. Louis, Missouri ( Missouri River )
  3. c their horses
  4. d Who did Meriwether Lewis ask to help him lead the expedition?
  5. e Sacagawea

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  1. It took two years
  2. thousands of miles (half a year)
  3. 17
  4. The Pacific Ocean was was farther
  5. They showed the men which trails to follow so they would not get lost.

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  1. ExploreTo go into a place and learn more about it


  2. Thomas JeffersonA special trip to explore a place


  3. Where did Lewis and Clark meet?military


  4. What did Lewis and Clark give to the Native American people for helping them?Lewis and Clark gave the Native American people some of their supplies.


  5. What was one of the most daring things Sacagawea did to help Lewis and Clark?Sacagawea jumped into the water to resuce supplies holding her baby in one hand.


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