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  1. Who saved all of the expeditions' belongings from the water when the boat capsized
  2. What was the Corp forced to eat in the mountains?
  3. Sacajawea was a member of what tribe?
  4. What happened when they ran out of supplies crossing the rocky mountains?
  5. What happened when the explorers crossed the Rocky Mountains?
  1. a Lewis and Clark discovered that the Rocky Mountains were much bigger than the old maps showed.
  2. b Sacajawea saved the belongings.
  3. c their horses
  4. d Lemhi Shoshone tribe
  5. e They had to eat candles to stay alive

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  1. To go into a place and learn more about it
  2. thousands of miles (half a year)
  3. Sacagawea helped by translating and finding trails.
  4. Spain
  5. Lewis and Clark trained 31 men together for the trip

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  1. Lewis and Clark helped Americans learn alot in the west.


  2. Who helped the explores along the way?They were wet, tired, hungry, sick, and scared.


  3. JourneyWho did Meriwether Lewis ask to help him lead the expedition?


  4. What was one of the most daring things Sacagawea did to help Lewis and Clark?Sacagawea


  5. How long did the expedition last?It took two years


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