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  1. imperitive sentence
  2. Keats
  3. HOmer
  4. Abstract noun
  5. linking verb
  1. a A verb that does not show action but connects the subject with a word in the predicate.
  2. b an idea condition or feeling (justice, freedom)
  3. c (1795-1821) One of the principle poets of the English Romantic movement. Odes, "Upon First Looking into Chapman's Homer," "Cristabel," "Endymion," "Isabella," "Ode on a Grecian Urn," "Ode on Melancholy," "Ode to a Nightingale," "Ode to Autumn."
  4. d The Odyddey and The Illiad
  5. e gives a command or makes a request and ends with a period

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  1. a literary device in which animals, ideas and things represent human traits
  2. a short poem, often written by an anonymous author, comprised of short verses intended to be sung
  3. the flaw that leads to the downfall of a tragic hero
  4. a pair of lines written in iambic pentameter
  5. THe Pigman

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  1. belovedan ex-slave is haunted by the memory of the daughter she killed; historical fiction, ghost story; characters include: Baby Suggs, Denver, Sethe


  2. Novellametric line of poetry


  3. phoneticsthe study of sounds of language


  4. third personthe story is told by someone outside of the story


  5. analogya comparison of things that appear to be different but are similar


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