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  1. Arther Miller
  2. Elizabethian
  3. Heart of darkness
  4. beloved
  5. fallacy
  1. a Death of a Salesman
  2. b A sailor tells the story of his journey through the Congo, where he met an enigmatic, powerful, insane imperialist who had abandoned the rules of English civilization., story reflects the physical and psychological shock Conrad himself experienced in 1890, when he worked briefly in the Belgian Congo.
  3. c Shakespear, Marlowe- Dr. FAustus, Spenser's - The Faerie Queen
  4. d an ex-slave is haunted by the memory of the daughter she killed; historical fiction, ghost story; characters include: Baby Suggs, Denver, Sethe
  5. e a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning

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  1. The red badge of courage
  2. a literary device in which animals, ideas and things represent human traits
  3. Something that can be seen touched tasted or felt Something tangible
  4. United States writer who wrote about frontier life (1873-1947), wrote My Antonia; prolific during the 1920s, reputation as one of the most important post-Civil War American authors
  5. THe Scarlett letter

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  1. prometheus unbound (Shelly)Poem about a revolt of humans against a repressive society


  2. Post ModernismNietzsche, Orwell


  3. Scott Fitzgeraldnoun; the art or study of correct spelling according to established usage / the aspect of language study concerned with letters and their sequences with words / spelling


  4. THe color purplestory of a protagonist who is repeatedly raped by a man she thinks is her father. A missionary family in Africa adopts the resulting children. The protagonist's sister, Nettie, works for the missionary family, and the novel takes the form of a series of letters between the sisters. Name this Pulitzer Prize winning novel featuring Celie.


  5. Ballada short poem, often written by an anonymous author, comprised of short verses intended to be sung


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