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  1. Ralph Ellison
  2. Concrete noun
  3. imperitive sentence
  4. Death of a salesman
  5. consonance
  1. a (Arthur Miller, 1949). This play questions American values of success. Willy Loman is a failed salesman whose firm fires him after 34 years. Despite his own failures, he desperately wants his sons Biff and Happy to succeed. Told in a series of flashbacks, the story points to Biff's moment of hopelessness, when the former high school star catches his father Willy cheating on his mother, Linda. Eventually, Willy can no longer live with his perceived shortcomings, and commits suicide in an attempt to leave Biff with insurance money.
  2. b Something that can be seen touched tasted or felt Something tangible
  3. c gives a command or makes a request and ends with a period
  4. d repetition to the final consonance sound -- stroke-luck
  5. e THe invisible Man

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  1. Our TOwn
  2. Nathaniel Hawthorne's masterpiece from mid 1800s about Hester Prynne who has affair w/ Dimmesdale (preacher) and has a baby w/ him. Deals w/ Puritan culture and Hawthorne's ties to Salem witch trials.
  3. Mark Twain-, London- WHite Fang, Call of the wild, Frost- NOthing godl can stay, THe road not taken, Joyce, T.S. Elliot- THe wasteland
  4. a mournful poem -- robert luis stevens's "requiem" and Tennyson's "IN Memoriam"
  5. A farwell to Arms

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  1. phoneticsa wisw saying


  2. Alice WalkerThe Color purple


  3. feminine rhymeoccurs at the end of lines


  4. Huckleberry Finnthe flaw that leads to the downfall of a tragic hero


  5. Sister carrieUnited States writer who wrote about frontier life (1873-1947), wrote My Antonia; prolific during the 1920s, reputation as one of the most important post-Civil War American authors


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