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  1. elegy
  2. robinson Crusoe
  3. jargon
  4. The joy luck club
  5. double speak
  1. a a mournful poem -- robert luis stevens's "requiem" and Tennyson's "IN Memoriam"
  2. b specialized words (doctors words)
  3. c a group of Chinese mothers and their American-born daughters struggle to communicate and understand each other; four families dipicted Woo, Jong, Hsu, and St. Clair
  4. d the hero of Daniel Defoe's novel about a shipwrecked English sailor who survives on a small tropical island, A man is shipwrecked on an island, where he lives for more than twenty years, fending off cannibals and creating a pleasant life for himself., a novel written by Daniel Defoe about a sailor shipwrecked on an island
  5. e language that is meant to be evasive or conceal (downsized = fired loss of job

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  1. time place manner degree )tomorrow, there, exactly, degree) Ly words
  2. dangling modifiers have no noun or pronoun to modify, change the dangling modifier to an independent clause.
  3. THe invisible Man
  4. The Odyddey and The Illiad
  5. Politics and the English Language - Orwell, The American Scholar- Emerson, Moral Essays- Poe

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  1. Stephen craneThe red badge of courage


  2. Brave new worldLooks to the year 2540, where society accepts promisc sex and drug (soma) use and science has made humanity carefree, healthy, and technologically advanced. War and poverty no longer exist, and people are always happy. But these achievements have come by eliminating things from which people derive happiness —. Marx and Lenina are both from this artificial world where babies are made in factories, while John the Savage and Linda are from a Savage Reservation that still practice old ways.


  3. belovedan ex-slave is haunted by the memory of the daughter she killed; historical fiction, ghost story; characters include: Baby Suggs, Denver, Sethe


  4. James Balwinunstressed-stressed U /


  5. The house on Mango streetA woman growing up in poverty in 1960s Chicago is determined to find her own path in life without forgetting her past.


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