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  1. Trochia
  2. Sister carrie
  3. Maxine HIng Kingston
  4. Ray Bradbury
  5. double speak
  1. a SOmething wicked this way comes and Ferinheigt 451
  2. b Theodore Dreiser's novel; single woman who moved to city and worked in shoe factory but then turned to prostitution due to poverty
  3. c / U
  4. d language that is meant to be evasive or conceal (downsized = fired loss of job
  5. e The Woman Worrier

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  1. U U /
  2. Ceremony
  3. rhyme that happens within a line of verse
  4. A type of fixed form poetry consisting of thirty-six lines of any length divided into six sestets and a three-line concluding stanza called an envoy. The six words at the end of the first sestet's lines must also appear at the ends of the other five sestets, in varying order. These six words must also appear in the envoy, where they often resonate important themes.
  5. mildred taylor

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  1. SHort storyJackson's "The Lottery, Irving's "Rip Van WInkle"


  2. THe JOy luck clubAmy tan


  3. LegendStory about human actions that is perceived by both the teller and the listeners --- Irving's The legend of sleepy hollow, King arthur and the holy grail


  4. third personan exaggeration of emphasis


  5. collective nounsmade up og "TO" and the base form of a verb (to order, to abandon)


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