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  1. heroic couplet
  2. The Lottery
  3. couplet
  4. Lorraine Hansberry
  5. Fable
  1. a a pair of lines written in iambic pentameter
  2. b a stanza made up of two rhyming lines
  3. c A raisin in the sun
  4. d a short story or folktale that contains a moral --Aesop's fables: The country mouse and the town mouse THe tortis and the hare and the wolf in sheeps clothing
  5. e Shirley Jackson. Mysterious town-wide lottery takes place in which the winner is stoned to death. Mrs. Hutchinson wins..., Injustices are easy to overlook when they don't affect you AND traditions should not be carried on simply because they have always been done. There should be some other basis for their presence.

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  1. story of a protagonist who is repeatedly raped by a man she thinks is her father. A missionary family in Africa adopts the resulting children. The protagonist's sister, Nettie, works for the missionary family, and the novel takes the form of a series of letters between the sisters. Name this Pulitzer Prize winning novel featuring Celie.
  2. a brief story that makes a point
  3. THe Pigman
  4. the noun to which the pronoun is refering
  5. repetition of the same sound in words close together white- stripes

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  1. colloquialismwords that are accepted in informal settings and regions -- awesome


  2. canterbury talesTHe turn of a screw


  3. feminine rhymeoccurs at the end of lines


  4. phoneticsthe study of sounds of language


  5. syntax14 line poem, usually in iambic pentamitar


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