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  1. morphology
  2. Franz Kafka
  3. great expectations
  4. the great gatsby
  5. double speak
  1. a Tells the story of Pip, an English orphan who rises to wealth, deserts his true friends, and becomes humbled by his own arrogance. It also introduces one of the more colorful characters in literature: Miss Havasham.
  2. b The study of the structure of words
  3. c language that is meant to be evasive or conceal (downsized = fired loss of job
  4. d The Metamorphosis
  5. e a self-made man (Gatsby) woos and loses a married aristocratic woman (Daisy) he loves

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  1. rhyme that happens within a line of verse
  2. (1795-1821) One of the principle poets of the English Romantic movement. Odes, "Upon First Looking into Chapman's Homer," "Cristabel," "Endymion," "Isabella," "Ode on a Grecian Urn," "Ode on Melancholy," "Ode to a Nightingale," "Ode to Autumn."
  3. old fashioned words
  4. an exaggeration of emphasis
  5. mildred taylor

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  1. The joy luck cluba group of Chinese mothers and their American-born daughters struggle to communicate and understand each other; four families dipicted Woo, Jong, Hsu, and St. Clair


  2. Sanra CisnerosUnited States writer who wrote about frontier life (1873-1947), wrote My Antonia; prolific during the 1920s, reputation as one of the most important post-Civil War American authors


  3. Arther MillerDeath of a Salesman


  4. American (Harlem) renaissanceGreat Expectations


  5. O- M- E-P-N-Romantic- V Modernism, Post Modernismold ENglish, Middle English, Elizabethian, Neoclassical, romantic, victorian, moderism, post modernism


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