health ch 10 alcohol


the drug in wine, beer, and liquor that causes intoxication


the physical and mental changes produced when drinking alcohol. Also known as "drunk"

blood alcohol concentration

the amoutn of alcohol in a perso's blood. It's a percentage.

binge drinking

drinking five or more drinks in one sitting


a deadly dieases caused from drinking alcohol that destroys the liver.


a feeling of having to vomit or throw up


the organ that cleans the body of toxins such as alcohol and rugs


a state of deep and long-lasting unconsciousness. It is like a long sleep you cannot wake up from.

alcohol abuse

drinking too much, too often, or at inappropriate times.


a disease that causes a person to lose control of their drinking behavior. It is a physical and emotional addiction to alcohol.


helping someone avoid the negative consequences of their actions


when a friend or family member sacrifices his or her own needs in order to help an addict.


when a person needs more alcohol or a drug to get the same effect felt when first drinking.

designated driver

a person who chooses not to drink alcohol so that he or she can safely drive.

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