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Chapter 1 ~ Geography of Latin America Test

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  1. economy
  2. problems with a 1 resource economy?
  3. tributary
  4. pampas
  5. What landforms are in Mexico and Central America?
  1. a country can loose money if something happens to that resource (weather destroys a crop; prices drop; demand slows down) - the economy can suffer. Ex: Chile leads world in producing copper. When copper prices are high, Chile's economy is strong; when copper prices drop, country looses money and jobs when the mines fire workers.
  2. b flat grassland regions commonly found in Argentina and Uruguay
  3. c mountains and plateaus; Mexico's central plateau has most of its people; between 2 mountains. Central America is an isthmus
  4. d the ways that goods and services are produced and made available to people
  5. e small rivers and streams that flow into a larger river

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  1. Provide transportation; food from fishing; hydroelectric power. Needed for transportation b/c hard to build roads due to mountains and rural area.
  2. they sell them to make money - important to economy
  3. warm, wet climates = lush vegetation; cold, dry climates = very little vegetation
  4. coffee and citrus fruits - need hot weather but not as much rain
  5. sugar cane, coffee, bananas, cacao, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, papayas, etc); bauxite (Jamaica), nickel (Cuba, Dominican Republic); oil (Trinidad)

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  1. vegetation in tropical wet climates?exotic vegetation that needs hot, humid weather, such as bananas, cacao, sugar cane, rice


  2. Amazon Riverdense evergreen forest - abundant rainfall year-round; located in Amazon River Basin


  3. factors affecting climate?warm, wet climates = lush vegetation; cold, dry climates = very little vegetation


  4. diversifyto add variety or different items


  5. Rain forestlongest river in South America; 2nd longest river in the world;


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