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  1. Amazon River
  2. natural resources
  3. resources found in Caribbean?
  4. tributary
  5. resources in South America?
  1. a longest river in South America; 2nd longest river in the world;
  2. b things found in nature that people can use to meet needs
  3. c small rivers and streams that flow into a larger river
  4. d minerals, oil, trees, lumber, fish, coffee, wheat, sugar cane, cotton, rice
  5. e sugar cane, coffee, bananas, cacao, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, papayas, etc); bauxite (Jamaica), nickel (Cuba, Dominican Republic); oil (Trinidad)

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  1. flat grassland regions commonly found in Argentina and Uruguay
  2. mountains and plateaus; Mexico's central plateau has most of its people; between 2 mountains. Central America is an isthmus
  3. they sell them to make money - important to economy
  4. dense evergreen forest - abundant rainfall year-round; located in Amazon River Basin
  5. a raised area of flat land

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  1. vegetation in tropical wet climates?exotic vegetation that needs hot, humid weather, such as bananas, cacao, sugar cane, rice


  2. What landforms are in the Caribbean?coral and underwater mountains. Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba are underwater mountains. Other, smaller islands are made of coral (skeletons of tine sea animals formed together).


  3. climate affects vegetation?tropical wet with hot, humid, rainy weather year-round; tropical wet and dry with hot weather, but shorter rainy season; Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay = humid sub-tropical climate: hot, wet summers + cool, damp winters. Patagonia - colder and dry.


  4. problems with a 1 resource economy?a country's economy based almost completely on 1 resource or crop


  5. resources found in Middle America?minerals, oil, trees, lumber, fish, coffee, wheat, sugar cane, cotton, rice


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