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Chapter 1 ~ Geography of Latin America Test

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  1. problems with a 1 resource economy?
  2. vegetation in tropical wet + dry climates?
  3. What landforms are in the Caribbean?
  4. resources found in Caribbean?
  5. pampas
  1. a country can loose money if something happens to that resource (weather destroys a crop; prices drop; demand slows down) - the economy can suffer. Ex: Chile leads world in producing copper. When copper prices are high, Chile's economy is strong; when copper prices drop, country looses money and jobs when the mines fire workers.
  2. b coral and underwater mountains. Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba are underwater mountains. Other, smaller islands are made of coral (skeletons of tine sea animals formed together).
  3. c flat grassland regions commonly found in Argentina and Uruguay
  4. d coffee and citrus fruits - need hot weather but not as much rain
  5. e sugar cane, coffee, bananas, cacao, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, papayas, etc); bauxite (Jamaica), nickel (Cuba, Dominican Republic); oil (Trinidad)

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  1. to add variety or different items
  2. 1) Middle America: lots of minerals 2) Mexico: minerals, oil, natural gas, trees/lumber 3) Central America: coffee, cotton, sugar cane, bananas
  3. a raised area of flat land
  4. electric power made by rushing water
  5. a strip of land with water on both sides; joins 2 larger bodies of water. Ex: Central America

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  1. 3 regions of Latin America?Western hemisphere; south of United States


  2. What is Latin America doing to solve this?L. American countries are trying to diversify economies. Building factories to make other products to sell; encouraging other jobs, such as farming other crops rather than relying on only one.


  3. Why are crops important?electric power made by rushing water


  4. Amazon Riverdense evergreen forest - abundant rainfall year-round; located in Amazon River Basin


  5. economythe ways that goods and services are produced and made available to people


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