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  1. natural resources
  2. 3 regions of Latin America?
  3. What is Latin America doing to solve this?
  4. tributary
  5. diversify
  1. a to add variety or different items
  2. b 1) Mexico and Central America 2) Caribbean 3) South America
  3. c L. American countries are trying to diversify economies. Building factories to make other products to sell; encouraging other jobs, such as farming other crops rather than relying on only one.
  4. d small rivers and streams that flow into a larger river
  5. e things found in nature that people can use to meet needs

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  1. exotic vegetation that needs hot, humid weather, such as bananas, cacao, sugar cane, rice
  2. warm, wet climates = lush vegetation; cold, dry climates = very little vegetation
  3. a raised area of flat land
  4. mountains and plateaus; Mexico's central plateau has most of its people; between 2 mountains. Central America is an isthmus
  5. Western hemisphere; south of United States

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  1. resources found in Caribbean?sugar cane, coffee, bananas, cacao, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, papayas, etc); bauxite (Jamaica), nickel (Cuba, Dominican Republic); oil (Trinidad)


  2. climates in Latin AmericaWestern hemisphere; south of United States


  3. What landforms are in the Caribbean?coral and underwater mountains. Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Cuba are underwater mountains. Other, smaller islands are made of coral (skeletons of tine sea animals formed together).


  4. resources found in Middle America?1) Middle America: lots of minerals 2) Mexico: minerals, oil, natural gas, trees/lumber 3) Central America: coffee, cotton, sugar cane, bananas


  5. El Ninowarming in ocean waters on the west coast of S. America. Causes floods, droughts, and drives away fish. Felt around the world.


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