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Unit 6: Cold War and Asian Nationalism Test

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  1. Cominform
  2. One Child Policy
  3. higher-stage cooperatives
  4. Responsibility System
  5. nonalignment
  1. a A nation's policy of refusing to ally with either the United States or the Soviet Union.
  2. b System for commune land started in 1978, by which families were given responsibility for cultivating areas of land within their commune.
  3. c Policy initiated in 1980, discouraging couples from having more than one child.
  4. d Communist Information Bureau, which included all European Communist Parties.
  5. e Lower-stage cooperatives are pooled together and farmers are paid wages instead of rent for the use of their land.

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  1. Group of villages in which all animals, equipment and land were given up for common ownership by the members.
  2. A form of civil disobedience; peaceful refusal of citizens to cooperate with their government in order to win concessions from it.
  3. A revolution in ideas, begun in 1916 by teachers at Beijing University, aiming to introduce modern ideas of freedom, equal rights, and scientific progress.
  4. Provinicial government set up by the Communists who fled to Jiangxi.
  5. 6,000-mile journey by Chinese Communists to escape nationalist troops in 1934-1935.

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  1. Agrarian Reform LawLaw initiated by Communist on 30 June 1950 to speed up the process of land reform.


  2. Open Door PolicyRight of all foreign nations to trade equally in China.


  3. thought reformMovement began by Communists in 1951, which involved the close study of Mao's writings combined with public self-criticism at Party meetings.


  4. Chinese Communist PartyCommunist party set up by the "Society for the Study of Marxism" in 1921.


  5. Socialist Education MovementMovement launched by Mao in 1962 to get people back on the right road to Communism.


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