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  1. A 40-year-old male presents with pain to the right upper quadrant of his abdomen. He is conscious and alert with stable vital signs. During your assessment, you note that his skin and sclera are jaundiced. You should suspect:
  2. A palpable pulse is created by:
  3. When interviewing a patient, you can show him or her that you understand the situation by:
  4. Supplemental oxygen via nonrebreathing mask should be administered to patients:
  5. The pulse oximeter is an assessment tool used to evaluate the:
  1. a effectiveness of oxygenation
  2. b pressure waves through the arteries caused by cardiac contraction.
  3. c with difficulty breathing and adequate tidal volume
  4. d liver dysfunction
  5. e repeating statements back to him or her

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  1. subcutaneous emphysema
  2. pulse quality, external bleeding, and skin condition
  3. diaphoretic
  4. acute anxiety
  5. Does your mother have diabetes?

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  1. Which of the following situations or conditions warrants immediate transport?61-year-old female who is unconscious with facial cyanosis


  2. Which of the following is the MOST effective method of assessing the quality of air movement in the lungs?Place the tips of your index and long fingers over the pulse point


  3. The diastolic pressure represents thedecreased blood oxygen.


  4. A 39-year-old male sustained a stab wound to the groin during an altercation at a bar. As you approach the patient, you note that he is conscious, is screaming in pain, and is attempting to control the bleeding, which is bright red and spurting from his groin area. You should:liver dysfunction


  5. Cyanosis of the skin is caused byminimum amount of pressure that is always present in the arteries.


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