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  1. The expression of attitudes about government and politics.
  2. A nation's set of fundamental beliefs about how government and politics should be conducted.
  3. Groups whose views serve as guidelines to an individual's opinion.
  4. A technique polling organizations use in which several people from the same neighborhood are interviewed.

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  1. Quota SampleA method of polling, considered less reliable than a random sample, in which interviewers are instructed to question members of a particular group in proportion to their percentage in the population as a whole.


  2. Political SocializationThe process through which an individual acquires a set of political attitudes and forms opinions about political and social issues.


  3. Bandwagon EffectA group of people, chosen by poll-takers, that is representative of the universe that is being polled.


  4. Secondary GroupsGroups that a person comes into face-to-face contact with in everyday life, for example, friends, office associates, or a local social club.


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