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  1. Polls taken as people leave voting place. In the past, television networks sometimes used these polls to predict election outcomes before the polls close. In 1992, the television networks agreed not to project the winner in a state until the majority of the polls had closed in the state.
  2. A technique polling organizations use in which several people from the same neighborhood are interviewed.
  3. A nation's set of fundamental beliefs about how government and politics should be conducted.
  4. Organizations or groups, such as labor unions or fraternal, professional, or religious groups, that may influence an individual's opinion.

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  1. Public OpinionThe expression of attitudes about government and politics.


  2. Primary GroupsGroups that a person comes into face-to-face contact with in everyday life, for example, friends, office associates, or a local social club.


  3. UniverseThe total group from which poll-takers may select a random sample in order to measure public opinion.


  4. Random SampleA method of polling, considered less reliable than a random sample, in which interviewers are instructed to question members of a particular group in proportion to their percentage in the population as a whole.


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