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  1. morosely
  2. emphatic
  3. unperturbed
  4. imperious
  5. facetiously
  1. a adv- sarcastic, laugh at a serious topic
  2. b adv- sullenly, ill-tempered
  3. c adj- with emphatic
  4. d adj- assuming power and authority; domineering
  5. e adj- not easily drawn

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  1. n- dark shape of something visible against a lighter background
  2. n- gift, blessing
  3. n- in a state of rest
  4. adj- confussed, surprised, not sure how to react
  5. adj- avoid activity, exertion, lazy

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  1. paroxysmv- to move swiftly in an uncontrollable manner


  2. asylumv- to think deeply about


  3. dourlyv- to think deeply about


  4. ressurectionn- a rebirth


  5. precociousadv- unusually advanced or mature; smart


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