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  1. precocious
  2. Indolent
  3. belfry
  4. inexorably
  5. intimated
  1. a n- a bell tower
  2. b adj- avoid activity, exertion, lazy
  3. c adv- unusually advanced or mature; smart
  4. d v- to communicate indirectly or in a subtle way
  5. e adv- not to be persuaded or moved

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  1. n- a rebirth
  2. n- fear
  3. v- to think deeply about
  4. adj- not easily drawn
  5. n- religious authority or connection

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  1. compunctionn- a rebirth


  2. imperceptiblyadv- impossible to perceive or understand


  3. reproachfullyadv-expressing censure or blame


  4. asperityadj- assuming power and authority; domineering


  5. iotan- a small amount


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