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  1. belfry
  2. oculist
  3. asperity
  4. asylum
  5. nonplussed
  1. a n- eye doctor
  2. b n- place for people who are crazy
  3. c n- harshness in tone or manner
  4. d n- a bell tower
  5. e adj- confussed, surprised, not sure how to react

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  1. adv-hard to deal with or control
  2. n- in a state of rest
  3. adv- not feeling or showing emotion
  4. v- to dig up
  5. v- to fake or pretend to be affected

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  1. parasoladv- sullenly, ill-tempered


  2. imperceptiblyadv- not feeling or showing emotion


  3. devoutnessn- religious authority or connection


  4. inexorablyadv- not to be persuaded or moved


  5. emphaticn- a small amount


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