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  1. ayudar
  2. cortar el césped
  3. un momento
  4. dar de comer al perro
  5. Recibir
  1. a to cut the lawn
  2. b to receive
  3. c a moment
  4. d to feed the dog
  5. e to help

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  1. far (from)
  2. clean
  3. to wash (the car, the dishes, the clothes)
  4. What are you doing?
  5. chores

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  1. quitar el polvoto dust


  2. cerca (de)close (to) or near


  3. VIVIR (yo-vivo; tú-vives; él, ella, Ud.-vive; nosotros/as-vivimos; vosotros/as-vivís; ellos, ellas, Uds.-viven)to live


  4. siif, whether


  5. el bañobathroom


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