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Test 1

Karl Marx believed that the key element in understanding human history and social change is to understand

class conflict

Feminist theories extend the work of which other sociological theory?

conflict theory

Dr Rodriguez is analyzing recorded interviews in a research project on stress in the workplace. Dr. Worthington is using which of the following research approaches?

qualitative research

Steve's research project is aimed at understanding the relationship between after school employment and GPA. Steve is collecting data from students on the number of hours they work outside of school and their grades. Steve is using which of the following research approaches?

Quantitative research

Every ten years the US census bureau mails census forms to every home in the US to collect federally mandated data. The census bureau is using which of the following data collection method?


In 1998 the University of Wisconsin collected data on means of transportation to work. In 2008, Betsy used the data for her own project. Betsy is using which data collection method?

secondary analysis

Lindsey and Tobias decided to study how children's books present diverse family structures. Lindsey and TObias read and coded 25 childrens books and noted what type of family structure was illustrated in the text and pictures. Lindsey and Tobias were using which method of data collection?

content analysis

Joanna is conducting a research project that examines whether parent's income impacts a child's choice of college. Joanna thinks that parents who make a lot of money will have children who will attend private schools and parents who make little money will have children who will attend public schools. Childs choice of college is the ____ in Joanna's project.

Dependent variable

Joanna is conducting a research project that examines whether parent's income impacts a childs choice of college. Joanna thinks that parents who make a lot of money will have children who will attend public schools. The previous statement is the _____ in Joannas project.


______ is the belief that one's culture and way of life are superior to those of other groups.


_____ is the belief that no culture is better than another and that a culture should be judged by its own standards.

Cultural relativism

_____ refers to the coexistence of many cultures in the same geographic area, without any one culture dominating another.


When cultural values, language, and beliefs spread to another society, a society experiences


Macrosociology focuses on social structure and large scale patterns of society


Sociology can help us think critically, but has limited value in making personal decisions.


I Jose is collecting data by asking people questions, he is using secondary analysis.


If Maria is observing children at the school playground, she is using field research


In which of Mead's stages do children understand and take the role of the generalized other?

Game stage

The concepts of ______ and adolescence are fairly recent concepts.


When people enter military boot camp they are expected to radically change themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is an example of which kind of socialization?


______ is an organized pattern of behavior that governs people's relationships.

Social structure

Role strain and role conflict may produce

All of the above

If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences. THis statement best matches which of the following concepts?

Thomas theorem

In the US, eye contact is a vital component of communication. Japan eye contact is


The biggest digital divide in internet usage is

social class

_____ typically are large and impersonal.

Secondary groups

In Cooley's looking glass self, our interpretations of other people's perceptions of us are usually correct


One of the most effective ways to deal with role conflict is to deny that there's a problem


_______ believe that deviance and crime are normal parts of the social structure that maintain society.


The basic idea behind differential association theory is that

most people learn deviant behavior through interaction

The majority of people arrested in the US are


Dalton works at a local retail store. He is paid for a 40 hour work week, but frequently works overtime without pay and calls on the weekends to check in. Which form of deviance is Dalton exhibiting?

positive deviance

In the US the top one percent of US households has ____ of all wealth and _____ of all income.

34%: 17%

A persons socioeconomic status (SES) is determined by

all of the above

Most AMericans classify themselves into this social class, including those with annual incomes below $20,000 and those annual incomes above $150,000

middle class

One's biological characteristics (anatomy, hormones, etc.) make up one's


______ is based on social and cultural expectations, not on physical traits.


By the third grade, males perform ______ on mat tests than females.

much better

According to several studies, 41% of the gender wage gap can be explained by

sex discrimination

Ella is a student at the local University. She recently failed her biology exam. She decided to visit her professor during office hours to discuss how she could study better for the next exam. Her biology professor told her that she could be assured an A in the course if she would sleep with him. Ella experienced

sexual discrimination

The ban against gays in the military is an example of


______ is behavior that violates expected rules or norms.


A common criticism of conflict theory is that it deemphasizes the crimes committed by low income people.


For feminist theorists deviance is in the eyes of the beholder


The number of US prisoners has doubled since 1987


Capital punishment decreases crime


In a caste system social stratification is based on achieved status


One of the criticisms of feminist theories is that they say little about social mobility, especially among middle and working class women


Males and females are more different than they are alike on a number of characteristics


Even when women earn doctoral degrees in male dominated fields they are less likely to be hired than men


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