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  1. types of weathering
  2. Suspended load
  3. moulin
  4. glacier deposits
  5. karst
  1. a long-term solution weathering of limestone bedrock by surface and ground water
  2. b where a supraglacial meltwater stream melts a vertical tunnel through ice
  3. c physical, chemical and biological processes
  4. d loose or fragmented rock - any size, eroded from underlying bedrock or deposited by previous glacial advances. Meltwater stream carries fine grained material
  5. e suspended because of turbulent eddies, very fine (silt, clay) - 90% of sediment load - from slopes, banks and channel bed - depends on discharge and sediment availability

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  1. downslope movement of soil or rock material under the influence of gravity without the direct aid or water, wind or ice. Spontaneous, bedrock, debris and/or soil. at surface and submarine
  2. glacier troughs partially filled with ocean water
  3. 1. Climate and meteorological events 2. Lithology, layering, structural control, gradient and surface material 3. vegetation and land use effect
  4. net accumulation - net ablation
  5. a mass of ice that forms on land due to a multilayer surplus of snowfall over snowmelt. Effective agents of erosion and deposition.

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  1. Rainsplash erosionimpact of falling drops, effective with sparce vegetation, amount of erosion depends on kinetic energy - not effective in transport of sediment - depends a lot on slope!


  2. aretesteep-sided, shard edged bedrock ridge formed by two glacials eroding on oposite sies of a ridge


  3. firn3 or more cirques adjacent to one another (the peak that survived glacier erosion all around)


  4. tarnsmall lake that occupies a rock basin in a cirque or glacier through


  5. Karst topographylandscapes of limestone, susceptible for chemical weathering, distinctive features - sink holes, underground, caves and channels, disappearing streams


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