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  1. Chemical weathering main factors
  2. deposition at river mouths
  3. perennial process
  4. 3 alluvial river patterns
  5. debris flow
  1. a flow of muddy water with large amount of coarse material (coarse material, less water and more material than mudflow, poorly sorted) - happens when there are large amounts of regolith and water. Common in coastal mountains (heavy rains, steep slopes, mantled by loose sediment)
  2. b frost heaving, frost thrusting, cryoturbation and ice wedge
  3. c occur when a river reaches base level, flat surface or standing water. Alluvial fans or Deltas. Due to reduced velocity. Many tributaries appear.
  4. d straight, meandering, braided
  5. e temperature, water, surface area, mineral type, time (5 main types)

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  1. Temperature and Precipitation
  2. highly fractioned sandstone - penetrative woody tree roots - root wedging and biotic leaching
  3. "mountain glacier" - confined to a narrow and thin topography in valley. Piedmont and tidewater. river of ice confined in valley, transports debris downstream, originates in cirque and terminates in a body of water
  4. climate and vegetation, basin size, elevation and relief, rock type, land use and human activity. Small basins have more sediment because of steep slope and mass movements. If basin is large there is less force and more places for deposition
  5. steep-sided hole formed by gradual melting of large ice block left behind by glacier with sediment accumulated "kettle lake" when it has water

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  1. outwash plaindepositional plain of stratified drift


  2. through talikmoderately rapid downslope movement of masses of saturated flow


  3. paleoclimatologystudy of past climates - pleistocene, holocene, last ice age, medieval warm, little ice age, post = drastic warming


  4. snowlineat high altitudes


  5. active layerseasonally frozen ground


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