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  1. lateral morrain
  2. permafrost
  3. Alluvial channel
  4. 3 types of erosion
  5. recessional morraine
  1. a <0 for more than 2 years,
  2. b slow retreat of terminus leaves series of end morrain
  3. c pile up along the sides of glaciers
  4. d rainsplash erosion, sheet erosion, rill & gully erosion
  5. e sediment accumulation, channel cuts into alluvium, bed and banks are material deposited by river, lowlands, low gradient - sorting (downstream, well sorted, usefull for aquatic environments)

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  1. semi-circular shaped created as glacier sources back toward mountain - at the head, depends on level of activity of glacier, duration of glaciation and composition and structure of bedrock
  2. processes, landforms, topography and climate of cold regions, along margins of past and present glaciers. freeze-thaw processes common features: permafrost, pattern ground and ground ice
  3. flowing water pushes and pulls on rock blocks
  4. grinding of bedrock surfaces using rock carried by ice - polished and scratched rock surface caused by moving sheet
  5. terminus have been retreating since little ice age

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  1. firnglacier troughs partially filled with ocean water


  2. chemical weathering - hydrolysismineral dissolves- water and carbonic acids. forms no new weathering products, groundwater dissolves bedrock ions in solution added to water and becomes dissolved load. limestone caves - crystallization of calcite, stalctite and stalagmite formation - dissolution of calcium carbonate is erversible process


  3. slope stabilitywithin continuous frozen layer


  4. frost heavingbroad, flat deposits of alluvium that extend from one valley wall to the other. Are the peak flow in water level and is inundated during floods (aprox. 1 every 2 years) - mainly composed of silt, clay and fine sand


  5. active layerseasonally frozen ground


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