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  1. snowline
  2. glacial drift
  3. noncryotic ground
  4. bar
  5. outwash plain
  1. a unfrozen ground
  2. b small island that form when there is a high load of sediment
  3. c elevation above which snow persists year round, lower limit of perennial snow
  4. d all debris deposited by glacier.
  5. e depositional plain of stratified drift

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  1. processes, landforms, topography and climate of cold regions, along margins of past and present glaciers. freeze-thaw processes common features: permafrost, pattern ground and ground ice
  2. freezing - expansion. thawing - contraction. repeated growth and melting of ice crystals in the pore spaces of rock.
  3. amount of sediment transported at a given discharge
  4. Driving forces/Resisting forces
  5. Temperature and Precipitation

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  1. abrasionremoval of weathered material from one place to another - transport


  2. 2 glacier typesall debris deposited by glacier.


  3. Meandering Rivers1. Climate and meteorological events 2. Lithology, layering, structural control, gradient and surface material 3. vegetation and land use effect


  4. glacier mass balanceterminus have been retreating since little ice age


  5. lodgement tilldeposited under the ice, dense and clay ric, compacted by overriding ice


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