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  1. frost heaving
  2. pool
  3. Sediment yield
  4. erosion
  5. ablation zone
  1. a vertical movement of soil and rock
  2. b amount of sediment eroded per unit basin area per unit time. Does not equal total sediment eroded from upland areas. Arrives to mouth without being deposited in valley bottom.
  3. c deep slow flow besides center
  4. d lower part of glacier, net melting and sublimation
  5. e removal of weathered material from one place to another - transport

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. gaining (+), losing (-) and equilibrium line in middle
  2. upper part of glacier, net snow accumulation
  3. rocks fall into the glacier from surrounding slopes and are carried like a conveyor belt
  4. bedload + suspended load + dissolved load
  5. beneath ice a.k.a. lodgement till

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  1. determinants of glacier movementweight- pressure on top forces ice to spread out. Flow - ice is slippery when it is lubricated by water between rock and ice as well as between grains


  2. Denudationamount of sediment eroded from the basin. Assumes sediment is completely eroded from the basin. Estimated as total volume of sediment divided by total basin area. Equal lowering over entire basin area.


  3. deposition at river mouthsstraight, meandering, braided


  4. chemical weatheringphysical, chemical and biological processes


  5. types of weatheringphysical, chemical and biological processes


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