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  1. Capillary waves
  2. Western
  3. Swell
  4. Wave reflection
  5. Capillary
  1. a These are the fastest flowing boundary currents.
  2. b These waves are the first to form when the wind blows.
  3. c The slowest moving waves.
  4. d The reflection of progressive waves by a vertical barrier. Reflection occurs with little loss of energy.
  5. e mature wind waves of one wavelength that form orderly undulations of the ocean surface

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  1. A breaking wave in which the upper section topples forward and away from the bottom, forming an air-filled tube.
  2. These boundary currents move warm water from the equator towards the poles.
  3. A high, often breaking wave generated by a tide crest that advances rapidly up an estuary or river.
  4. These waves travel though water deeper than 1/20 but shallower than 1/2 their wavelength
  5. Tide caused by gravitational and inertial interaction of the moon and Earth.

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  1. EasternThese boundary currents move warm water from the equator towards the poles.


  2. Ebb CurrentWater rushing out of an enclosed harbor or bay because of the fall in sea level as a tide trough approaches.


  3. 1:7Maximum ratio of wave height to wavelength seen in the open ocean. Also known as wave steepness.


  4. SpringThese tides are a time of greatest variation between high and low tides.


  5. NeapThese waves move through water greater than 1/2 their wavelength.


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