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  1. 1:7
  2. Fetch
  3. Wave diffraction
  4. Tsunami
  5. Lunar Day
  1. a Wave generated as a result of a seismic event.
  2. b Bending of waves around obstacles.
  3. c 24 hours 50 mins
  4. d Uninterupted distance over which the wind blows without significant change in direction.
  5. e Maximum ratio of wave height to wavelength seen in the open ocean. Also known as wave steepness.

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  1. In these boundary currents, the flow is from East to West or West to East. They link eastern and western boundary currents.
  2. These waves travel though water deeper than 1/20 but shallower than 1/2 their wavelength
  3. Which direction do gyres flow in the Northern hemisphere?
  4. These boundary currents move warm water from the equator towards the poles.
  5. Nearly friction free transfer of energy from molecule to molecule in a circular path.

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  1. Shallowmature wind waves of one wavelength that form orderly undulations of the ocean surface


  2. Wave refractionThe reflection of progressive waves by a vertical barrier. Reflection occurs with little loss of energy.


  3. WindSurface currents are powered by the sun and ______________


  4. Wave reflectionSlowing and bending of progressive waves in shallow water.


  5. DeepThese tides result in little variation in the height of tides.


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