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  1. Orbit
  2. Tidal Bore
  3. Shallow
  4. Standing Wave
  5. Wave reflection
  1. a The reflection of progressive waves by a vertical barrier. Reflection occurs with little loss of energy.
  2. b a wave in which water oscillates without causing progressive wave forward movement. there is no net transmission of energy in a standing wave
  3. c These waves move through water shallower than 1/20 their wavelength
  4. d Nearly friction free transfer of energy from molecule to molecule in a circular path.
  5. e A high, often breaking wave generated by a tide crest that advances rapidly up an estuary or river.

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  1. High water position corresponding to a tidal crest
  2. 24 hours 50 mins
  3. water rushing into an enclosed area because of the rise in sea level as a tide crest approaches
  4. Vertical distance between a wave crest and an adjacent wave trough
  5. Due to the cold temperature of the water, the water molecules are slightly closer together in this region.

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  1. CapillaryWaves with a tiny wavelength less than 1.73cm. The restoring force is surface tension.


  2. TransverseThere are five of these boundary currents. They carry cold water towards the equator.


  3. DiuranalThis type of tidal cycle is found commonly in the Gulf of Mexico.


  4. Destructive interferenceThese transfer heat from tropical to polar regions, distribute nutrients, scatter organisms and influence weather and climate.


  5. CapillaryThese waves are the first to form when the wind blows.


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