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  1. Progressive Wave
  2. Spring
  3. Solar Tides
  4. Wave Height
  5. Standing Wave
  1. a caused by the gravitational and inertial interaction of the sun and earth
  2. b Vertical distance between a wave crest and an adjacent wave trough
  3. c These tides occur when the earth, moon and sun are in a straight line.
  4. d A wave of moving energy in which the wave form moves in one direction along the surface of the transmission medium.
  5. e a wave in which water oscillates without causing progressive wave forward movement. there is no net transmission of energy in a standing wave

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  1. The reference level (0.0) from which tidal height is measured.
  2. Which direction do gyres flow in the Northern hemisphere?
  3. Number of waves passing a fixed point per second.
  4. Due to the cold temperature of the water, the water molecules are slightly closer together in this region.
  5. Circular flow pattern of water caused by deflection of water by continents and the ocean basin.

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  1. TsunamiWaves with ___________ wavelengths move the fastest.


  2. WesternWaves transmit _______________.


  3. CapillaryThese waves move through water shallower than 1/20 their wavelength


  4. EasternEddies do not tend to form in these boundary currents.


  5. Wave reflectionThe reflection of progressive waves by a vertical barrier. Reflection occurs with little loss of energy.


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