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  1. Newton's Law of Reaction
  2. Newton's Law of Acceleration
  3. Moment of Force (units)
  4. Inertia
  5. Kinetic Energy (units)
  1. a J-capacity to do work; "energy of motion"
  2. b an applied force causes an acceleration of the body; 1. with a magnitude proportional to the force 2. in the direction of hte force 3. inversely proportional to the mass
  3. c No units- resistance to change in motion
  4. d Nm-rotary force (drawn as a vector, but as an arc) M=Fd_I
  5. e for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

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  1. N-3D forces measured at the ground; represent the summation fo acceleration (F=ma) of all body segments. Point of application is the COP.
  2. study of biological systems from a mechanical perspective
  3. body will maintain a state of rest or constant velocity unless acted on by an external force that changes states
  4. sketch of a system of interst with the surrounding environmetn/segments removed; and all of the forces drawn on the body. An important first step in the mechanical solutions since it helps to visualize all the forces acting on the system
  5. The study of bodies in motion

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  1. Moment of Inertia (units)kg*m2-resistance to change in angular motion


  2. MechanicsScience which studies the influence of forces on bodies


  3. Work (units)N-push or pull acting on a body or a system; has magnitude and direction


  4. Impulse-Momentum RelationshipWhen an impulse acts on a system, the result is a change in the system's total momentum


  5. Momentum (units)m- length of perpendicular line from the line of force through the axis of rotation


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