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  1. ruefully
  2. motivated
  3. lashed
  4. ignite
  5. flailing
  1. a
    beating or striking - (flail - a tool for threshing or separating grain)
  2. b with regret; sorrowful; feeling sorry
  3. c having a desire or wanting to do things
  4. d
    fastened or secured with cord
  5. e set on fire; to light

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  1. small, rounded hills

  2. a small part left; remainder or remains; small pieces

  3. asleep; inactive

  4. to lift up; to hoist
  5. inside

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  1. tundra
    little curls


  2. grazed
    to touch lightly or rub lightly. My fear of heights has abated.


  3. altitude
    the height above sea level


  4. flammableeasily set on fire; combustible


  5. lure
    to attrack; to call; to draw


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