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  1. audible
  2. ignite
  3. impact
  4. motivated
  5. depression
  1. a having a desire or wanting to do things
  2. b
    collision; crash
  3. c
    able to be heard
  4. d hole or a dent
  5. e set on fire; to light

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  1. tearing; a violent twist or pull
  2. to make or become smaller
  3. to stand or move unsteadily; seesaw
  4. large
  5. put off, keep back, prevent

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  1. lean-to
    fastened or secured with cord


  2. naturalistto form a mental picture; able to see a picture of something in your mind


  3. visualize
    a person who makes a study of animals or plants


  4. crest
    tuft or comb on the head of a bird or animal


  5. wincing
    a slight involuntary movement from pain or distress, or embarrassment, to flinch


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