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  1. ignite
  2. depression
  3. motivated
  4. hummocks
  5. remnants
  1. a
    small, rounded hills
  2. b set on fire; to light
  3. c having a desire or wanting to do things
  4. d
    a small part left; remainder or remains; small pieces
  5. e low spirits; sadness

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  1. done with care and effort; slow work

  2. fastened or secured with cord

  3. to attrack; to call; to draw
  4. inside
  5. to stand or move unsteadily; seesaw

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  1. foul
    very dirty; nasty; smelly


  2. eddiedwhirled; swirl; a cirlcing motion


  3. hordes
    swarm; crowd; multitude


  4. transmissions
    sent signals on a radio


  5. persistent
    lasting; going on; continuing


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