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  1. naturalist
  2. emerged
  3. extensive
  4. painstaking
  5. pulverized
  1. a large
  2. b done with care and effort; slow work
  3. c
    a person who makes a study of animals or plants
  4. d
    to become sand or dust
  5. e
    came out; came up; came into view; to appear

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  1. inside
  2. burn and smoke without a flame

  3. a slight involuntary movement from pain or distress, or embarrassment, to flinch
  4. set on fire; to light

  5. tilted sideways in a rounding curve

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  1. eddiedwhirled; swirl; a cirlcing motion


  2. flammable
    able to be heard


  3. convulseconsist of; included


  4. cowling
    very dirty; nasty; smelly


  5. audible
    able to be heard


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