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  1. lean-to
  2. depression
  3. hefted
  4. motive
  5. painstaking
  1. a thought or feeling that makes one act; a reason or a cause
  2. b low spirits; sadness
  3. c done with care and effort; slow work
  4. d
    to lift up; to hoist
  5. e
    a hut with a sloping roof

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  1. large

  2. the vast (big) level treeless region where the subsoil is frozen; land that is most always frozen

  3. a sudden forward movement; thrust
  4. to make or become smaller
  5. having a desire or wanting to do things

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  1. eddiedwhirled; swirl; a cirlcing motion


  2. persistent
    lasting; going on; continuing


  3. pulverized
    to touch lightly or rub lightly. My fear of heights has abated.


  4. ruefully
    to lift up; to hoist


  5. flailing
    beating or striking - (flail - a tool for threshing or separating grain)


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