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  1. lure
  2. fantail
  3. impact
  4. teetered
  5. convulse
  1. a
    to attrack; to call; to draw
  2. b shake violently or more violently
  3. c
    a fan like tail or end
  4. d to stand or move unsteadily; seesaw
  5. e
    collision; crash

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  1. tilted sideways in a rounding curve
  2. sent a message
  3. easily set on fire; combustible

  4. a sudden forward movement; thrust

  5. a dull humming sound

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  1. taperedto stand or move unsteadily; seesaw


  2. flailing
    beating or striking - (flail - a tool for threshing or separating grain)


  3. painstaking
    a slight involuntary movement from pain or distress, or embarrassment, to flinch


  4. dormant
    a dull humming sound


  5. smoldered
    came out; came up; came into view; to appear


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