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  1. El teléfono celular
  2. Marcar el número
  3. Chatear, coversar, charlar
  4. Despedirse
  5. Los cibernautas
  1. a To dial the number
  2. b To say goodbye
  3. c To chat
  4. d Internet Users
  5. e Cell Phone

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  1. Always
  2. Letter
  3. Buttons
  4. Instant Messaging, IM
  5. To translate

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  1. AlguienSomebody


  2. La computadoraLetter


  3. MandarTo send


  4. La estampillaScreen


  5. Saber (list all 6 point of views in past tense)To know facts, data (to have found out). Yo supe, Tú supiste, Él supo, Nosotros supimos, Vosotros supisteis, Ellos supieron. Note: Do not confuse with conocer)


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