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  1. La contraseña
  2. Comunicaciones
  3. Colgar
  4. Ningún
  5. El buzón
  1. a To hang up. Note: This is a o-ue stem changing verb.
  2. b Mailbox
  3. c No, none. Note: The ending changes with the noun it's placed with (-o, -a, -os, -as). However, you need to drop the -o before a masculine singular noun.
  4. d Correspondence
  5. e Password

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  1. Mouse
  2. To put. Yo puse, Tú pusiste, Él puso, Nosotros pusimos, Vosotros pusisteis, Ellos pusieron.
  3. Speakers
  4. Post Office, the mail
  5. CD

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  1. La estampillaStamp


  2. MandarTo greet.


  3. Los botonesTherefore


  4. TampocoNeither, not either.


  5. DescolgarTo pick up (the receiver) Note: This is a o-ue stem changing verb.


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