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  1. O... o
  2. Modernos
  3. El teléfono celular
  4. El sobre
  5. Algún
  1. a Envelope
  2. b Some, something. Note: The ending changes with the noun it's placed with (-o, -a, -os, -as). However, you need to drop the -o before a masculine singular noun.
  3. c Cell Phone
  4. d Modern
  5. e Either... or

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  1. To give. Yo di, Tú diste, Él dio, Nosotros dimos, Vosotros disteis, Ellos dieron.
  2. To surf the Internet
  3. Telephone
  4. Cyberspace
  5. To pick up (the receiver) Note: This is a o-ue stem changing verb.

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  1. La dirección electrónicaE-Mail


  2. NingúnSomebody


  3. Are double negatives used in Spanish?Yes, they are. Negatives can be used alone when they come before the verb, or they can be paired with "no" and come after the verb.


  4. El correo electrónicoE-Mail


  5. Marcar el númeroPost Office, the mail


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