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Digital media encompasses both visual and audio output.


____ is the process of calculating the light interaction with the virtual 3D models in the scene, and presenting the final drawing in two dimensions.


____ media is programming or music that can be accessed any time of the day, regardless of the television and radio schedules.

on demand

Some printers accept the camera's ____ card as input.


Photos and albums can be shared from an online service with ____.

all of these

A video camcorder's image quality is measured by the number of pixels in each ____.


The introduction of ____ on cell phones was the first step towards realizing augmented reality.


The process of transferring music from CD to MP3 or another digital audio format is called ____ a CD.


Animation uses successive ____ to create the impression of an object moving.


A two-dimensional model becomes a 3D model when shadows and ____ are added.


Animation and video are stored in the computer as a series of images called frames.


____ virtual reality refers to a user experience where you may feel you are actually part of the experience generated by the computer.


Media software typically allows you to ____ music with a portable music player through the USB port.


An advantage of using a(n) ____ format is its ability to compress CD music files to one tenth their original size.


Digital photography and digital photo editing are sometimes referred to collectively as digital ____.


Digital video ____ involves analyzing each frame of the video and storing only the pixels that change from frame to frame.


Digital video cannot be transferred to a computer directly from a camcorder.


Digital cameras use the .ppt file format for their photos.


Which of the following file formats is supported by iPod, Zen, and Zune devices?


Digital images are made up of a grid of small points called ____.


When using an on-line subscription music service, there is a chance of losing your library of songs when your membership expires.


All of the following are examples of graphic file formats EXCEPT for ____.


Vector graphics software is used most widely by ____.

graphic designers

A game console relies on a fast ____ to handle the lively animations in a graphics game.


Computer-aided design software provides tools to ____.

all of the above

Only slate devices such as the iPad are capable of supporting eBooks.


Sound can be captured and digitized through a digital ____.

voice recorder

Web designers use ____ to make advanced Web animations and applications.


The ____ was the first eBook reading device to gain widespread acceptance.


Through the use of ____, book publishers can control the distribution of their digital content.


An article researched and written by John Smith for his blog is an example of John Smith's intellectual property.


Plagiarism is always ____ and sometimes ____.

unethical, illegal

Copying a paragraph of somebody else's work and adding it to your own essay or article without giving credit is known as plagiarism.


DRM protects intellectual property by ____.

limiting how many devices can use a file, and how many times it can be copied

A data dictionary includes all of the following EXCEPT ____.

the digital certificate

One of the first steps in creating a database is to outline the logical and physical structure of the data and relationships among the data in the database.


Installation and ongoing function of software on a database system is the job of the database ____.


Data mining is used to generate business intelligence.


____ usually involves breaking one table into two or more tables in order to correct a data problem or anomaly.


In a database, your first name would be categorized as a ____.


A retail store may use the ____ approach to analyze data collected from checkout scanners.


Inaccurate data being entered into a database resulting in inaccurate output is also known as ____.


Distributed databases connect data at different locations via ____.


A(n) ____ database organizes data into multiple tables that are related by common fields.


A data ____ is a very large database that holds information from a variety of sources.


A popular database software program called ____ uses a wizard tool to help build and generate SQL queries.


In a database, a collection of related fields that describes some object or activity is referred to as a ____.


SQL is not considered a programming language.


A ____ is a collection of data organized to meet users' needs.


Data ____ refers to the quality and accuracy of the data.


A primary key is a ____ within a database table that uniquely identifies the record.


A data center that is run and managed in an automated fashion while being monitored remotely is referred to as a ____ environment.

lights out

A ____ consists of a group of programs that manipulates data within a database.

database management system

A distributed database is also known as a ____ database.


In the ____ form of e-commerce, transactions between businesses across private networks, the Internet, and the Web are supported.


Hosting companies provide all the necessary software tools to deliver e-commerce applications EXCEPT ____.


The popularity of ____ e-commerce is a good example of how customers can successfully implement their own sales strategy on the Web.


All of the following are names for e-cash EXCEPT ____.


____ is the best-known e-cash provider.


Information transmitted from an online sales transaction uses a secure ____ connection where buyers enter their account information and submit it.


Location-based advertising can keep track of customers' locations and provide them with discount coupons in their area.


Online ____, such as, provide a method for manufacturers to liquidate stock and for consumers to find a good deal.


A good example of an e-commerce site is ____.


E-commerce hosting companies offer ____ that provide all the necessary software tools to deliver e-commerce applications.


In the ____ form of e-commerce, the Web is used to connect individual consumers directly with sellers to purchase products.


Individual consumers use the ____ form of e-commerce in which individuals sell to other individuals on the Web.


A(n) ____ provides software and a network that connects businesses within an industry.

electronic exchange

Electronic data interchange uses private communications networks called ____ networks.


E-cash provides privacy by hiding your account information from vendors.


A(n) ____ is generated during systems development to solicit competitive bids on products and services.


In ____ processing, transactions are collected over time and processed together in groups.


A(n) ____ system can help a business alleviate the need for multiple information system programs.

enterprise resource planning

A collaborative framework, like ____, provides an ideal tool for collecting and sharing knowledge in an organization.

a wiki

____ is the process of planning, monitoring, and controlling the sequence of events and resources required in a plan, often using software tools.

project management

In a(n) ____ analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of the existing business are uncovered.


A good ____ system records all customer interaction with a business.


The final stage of decision making and problem solving is known as the ____ stage, where the results of a decision are reviewed.


A typical example of a geographic information system is a ____.


In a transaction processing cycle, the data ____ stage checks the validity of the data entered, such as whether the item number and credit card number are valid.


In systems ____, the system is enhanced and validated to make sure it is achieving its goal.


Bioinformatics typically overlays maps with data and information related to geographic locations.


Systems design is the ____ stage of the systems development life cycle, in which a system plan is created to meet the objectives set for the system.


Through the use of business intelligence, information on one particular customer can be accessed and entered by personnel from across an organization.


Management information systems are powered by ____.


All of the following are among the three major contributors to globalization EXCEPT ____.

enterprise-scale shipping

____ is an example of outsourcing.

Hiring a graphic design company in India to create your product's packaging

Offshoring always involves a company moving a production line from the United States to another country, never another country moving a production line to the United States.


A transnational company often has no easily defined home country.


____ is an example of offshoring.

Moving a production plant to Taiwan

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