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  1. A person who has complete control over a country's government
  2. A person of mixed European and Native American ancestry
  3. President in 1951 Developed market economy and raised Guatemala's standard of living
  4. A Guatemalan state
  5. A place governed by or closely connected with a country it is not officially a part of
  6. A Guatemalan colonel that led the attack against Guzman taking down Communism in Guatemala.

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  1. Fidel CastroA dynamic speaker has turned Cuba into a Communist government. He has been the leader of Cuba since the 1950's


  2. UFCOU.S based United Fruit Company that set up huge banana plantations.


  3. West IndiesA person of mixed European and Native American ancestry


  4. Jose MartiA person of mixed African and European ancestry


  5. Sugar CaneA plant from which sugar is made


  6. CommunismAn economic and political system in which property is owned collectively and labor is organized in a way that is supposed to benefit all people


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