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  1. A Cuban holiday that celebrates the end of the harvest each year in July
  2. A person of mixed African and European ancestry
  3. A dynamic speaker has turned Cuba into a Communist government. He has been the leader of Cuba since the 1950's
  4. A Guatemalan state
  5. A person who has complete control over a country's government
  6. A man who led Cubans to gain independence from Spain

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  1. Single-product economyA plant from which sugar is made


  2. Jack Arbenz GuzmanPresident in 1951 Developed market economy and raised Guatemala's standard of living


  3. MalnutritionPoor nutrition, usually from not eating a proper diet which can result in poor health


  4. Carlos Castillo ArmasMan whom led a revolt and emerged as a new leader in Guatemala


  5. CommunismAn economic and political system in which property is owned collectively and labor is organized in a way that is supposed to benefit all people


  6. West IndiesThe Caribbean Islands


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