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  1. Estuaries
  2. Punctuated Equilibrium
  3. Energy Sources in Early Atmosphere
  4. Freshwater Biomes
  5. Benthic Zone
  1. a seafloor
  2. b areas where rivers meet the ocean
  3. c in fossil record, species evolves in short bursts (Stephen Day Gould)
  4. d river, lake, stream
  5. e volcanic activity, lightning, UV radiation

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  1. all organisms in one area along with abiotic factors
  2. how organisms interact with their environment
  3. inherited characteristic that enhances an organism's ability to survive and reproduce; behavioral, structural, biochemical, physiological
  4. dispersion pattern in which individuals are in patches
  5. study of whole sets and their interactions

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  1. Biotic Factorsenvironmental factors that restrict population growth


  2. Adaptive Raditationperiod of evolutionary change in which groups of organisms form new species whose adaptations allow them to fill vacant roles in environment


  3. Carrying Capactityenvironmental factors that restrict population growth


  4. Sexual Dimorphismform of natural selection in which individuals with certain inherited characteristics are more likely than other individuals to obtain mates


  5. Homologous Structuresnonliving component of community (air, water)


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