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  1. Pangaea
  2. Intertidal Zone
  3. Continental Drift
  4. Genetic Engineering
  5. Logistic Growth Model
  1. a manipulate genes for practical purposes
  2. b shallow zone where waters of estuary or ocean meet
  3. c idealized population growth that is restricted by limiting factors
  4. d supercontinent
  5. e slow, continuous movement of earth's crustal plates on the hot mantle

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  1. marked differences between secondary sex characteristics of males and females
  2. cell wall that is less complex, Actinomycetes (antibiotics) and Cyanobacteria (oxygen generating)
  3. reproductive barrier that prevents fertilization or mating
  4. tested Oparin-Haldare Hypothesis and simulated conditions of early earth, found amino acids
  5. manner in which individuals of a population are spaced within their area

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  1. Mesozoic Eramiddle animal, reptiles and dinosaurs, mammals at end


  2. Biogeographygeographic distribution of species, organisms evolve from common ancestors


  3. Mutationgroup of individuals belonging to one species and living the same geographic area


  4. Communityindividual living thing


  5. Punctuated Equilibriummanipulate genes for practical purposes


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