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  1. Disrupting Selection
  2. Trangenic Organisms
  3. Coral Reefs degraded by...
  4. Population Ecology
  5. Dispersion Pattern
  1. a changes in population size and factors that regulate populations
  2. b pollution, predators and human souvenir hunters
  3. c organism that contains genes from another species
  4. d favors individuals at both extremes of phenotypic range
  5. e manner in which individuals of a population are spaced within their area

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  1. aquatic ecosystem in which light and photosynthesis occur
  2. tundra, savanna, rainforest, desert, desiduous forest, coniferous forest, chaparral, grassland
  3. isolate a gene pool and prevent inter-breeding
  4. descent with modification, favorable traits in a population
  5. technique to identify the cell wall composition of bacteria

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  1. Gene Therapytreatment for a disease in which the patient's defective gene is altered or provided for


  2. Stabilizing Selectionfavors intermediate phenotypes (middle)


  3. Aphotic Zoneseafloor


  4. Postzygotic Barrierreproductive barrier that prevents hybrid zygotes from developing into adults


  5. Endotoxinspoisonous component released when bacteria dies


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