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  1. Directional Selection
  2. Intertidal Zone
  3. Stabilizing Selection
  4. Natural Selection
  5. Flagella
  1. a acts against individuals at one of the phenotypic extremes (age, height)
  2. b favors intermediate phenotypes (middle)
  3. c shallow zone where waters of estuary or ocean meet
  4. d descent with modification, favorable traits in a population
  5. e allow bacteria to move

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  1. total collection of genes in a population
  2. second part of species binomial
  3. ancient animal, aquatic life, end had plants and animals on ground
  4. volcanic activity, lightning, UV radiation
  5. treatment for a disease in which the patient's defective gene is altered or provided for

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  1. Landscapesseveral different ecosystems linked by exchanges of animals, energy or materials


  2. Geologic Recordtime scale that divides earth's history into time periods, grouped into Archean, Proterozoic and Phanerozoic Eons


  3. Biogeographytotal collection of genes in a population


  4. Radiometric Datingnonliving component of community (air, water)


  5. Adaptationinherited characteristic that enhances an organism's ability to survive and reproduce; behavioral, structural, biochemical, physiological


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