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  1. Binomial
  2. Trangenic Organisms
  3. Homology
  4. Limiting Factors
  5. Gram Negative
  1. a two-part name of species
  2. b environmental factors that restrict population growth
  3. c organism that contains genes from another species
  4. d similarity in characteristics from common ancestry
  5. e cell wall that is complex, Chlamidia (STD) and Spirochetes (syphilis)

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  1. existence of a biological factor that prevent species from reproduction
  2. in fossil record, species evolves in short bursts (Stephen Day Gould)
  3. seafloor
  4. classify species
  5. DNA molecule carrying genes derived from two or more sources

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  1. Habitatplace where an organism lives


  2. Coral Reefs degraded by...pollution, predators and human souvenir hunters


  3. Populationinherited characteristic that enhances an organism's ability to survive and reproduce; behavioral, structural, biochemical, physiological


  4. Speciesharmless variant of pathogen used to stimulate host organism's immune system


  5. Genetic Engineeringchange in the gene pool of a population due to chance


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