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  1. Postzygotic Barrier
  2. Biosphere
  3. Reproductive Barrier
  4. Speciation
  5. Punctuated Equilibrium
  1. a entire population of earth inhabited by life
  2. b emergence of a new species
  3. c in fossil record, species evolves in short bursts (Stephen Day Gould)
  4. d reproductive barrier that prevents hybrid zygotes from developing into adults
  5. e isolate a gene pool and prevent inter-breeding

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  1. idealized population growth that is restricted by limiting factors
  2. descent with modification, favorable traits in a population
  3. dispersion pattern in which individuals are in patches
  4. all organisms in one area along with abiotic factors
  5. major changes over evolutionary time

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  1. Prezygotic Barrierreproductive barrier that prevents fertilization or mating


  2. Photic Zoneregion of ocean occupied by seawater


  3. Pelagic Zoneregion of ocean occupied by seawater


  4. Genetically Modified Organismmarked differences between secondary sex characteristics of males and females


  5. Energy Sources in Early Atmospherevolcanic activity, lightning, UV radiation


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