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  1. Homology
  2. Limiting Factors
  3. Clumped Dispersion Pattern
  4. Gram Negative
  5. Punctuated Equilibrium
  1. a dispersion pattern in which individuals are in patches
  2. b cell wall that is complex, Chlamidia (STD) and Spirochetes (syphilis)
  3. c environmental factors that restrict population growth
  4. d in fossil record, species evolves in short bursts (Stephen Day Gould)
  5. e similarity in characteristics from common ancestry

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  1. second part of species binomial
  2. no light and vast
  3. used for diagnosis and treatment of disease
  4. thick protective coat, dehydrate, tolerant of extreme heat/cold
  5. changes in population size and factors that regulate populations

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  1. Macroevolutionmajor changes over evolutionary time


  2. Vectorpiece of DNA used to move genes from one cell to another


  3. Gram Staintechnique to identify the cell wall composition of bacteria


  4. Postzygotic Barrierphysical barrier that prevents hybridization of species


  5. Exponential Growth Modelrepresents idealized, unregulated population growth


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