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  1. Neutrality Act of 1935
  2. all aid short of war
  3. Nye Committee
  4. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  5. Okinawa
  1. a Investigated bankers & munitions matters after WWI (whether they profited), said they had pushed US into WWII to turn a profit
  2. b US won, June. now had a base for air strikes against Japan nd for the planned invasion of the main islands--estimated to cost 500,000 US lives
  3. c leader of the Allied forces in Europe during WW2--leader of troops in Africa and commander in DDay invasion-elected president
  4. d embargo on exporting war goods to nations at war
  5. e US is going to do anything to help but fight

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  1. Naval ship. On September 2, 1945, the Japanese emperor formally surrendered on the ...... in Tokyo Bay.
  2. German city ferociously firebombed by the Allies from February 13 to 15, 1945
  3. the last, largest, and most decisive naval engagements in the Pacific, recaptured the Phillipines
  4. code name for the secret United States project set up in 1942 to develop atomic bombs for use in World War II
  5. December 1, 1944 last ditch effort by Germans to stop Allies from entering Germany

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  1. Bataan Death Marchpassed March 1941 gave president power to lend, sell, transfer title to any country


  2. discretionary arms embargoThe Allied invasion of Normandy (NW France) in June of 1944. nicknamed D-Day


  3. Revenue Act of 1942provided funds for the war by radically increasing income taxes.


  4. Office of War MobilizationFederal agency formed to coordinate issues related to war production during World War II


  5. Lend Lease ActHead of the War Production Board


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