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  1. A: looking at behavior in a natural setting
    D: no control over variables
  2. Deception
    Invasion of privacy
    Lasting harm
    Becoming a subject
    Animal research
    Gender bias
    Barnum effect
  3. Facts/info gained by direct observation or experience
    i.e. watching someone do something
  4. behavior: response to environment
    covert: what you do internally
    overt: things that are observable
  5. Describe, understand, predict, control
  6. the study of overt behavior, observable

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  1. PsychodynamicEmphasizes internal conflicts, motives & unconcious forces


  2. ExperimentalPeople are good by nature, strive to reach full potential
    Rogers, Maslow


  3. Placebo effectPerson thinks they have something that helps, they trick their minds into believing the "sugar pill" actually works


  4. CorrelationalA: allows prediction
    D: correlation does not mean causation


  5. LongitudinalA: same variable over long time, accurate
    D: takes years... experimenters might not live the length of the research


  6. Why is animal research used?Sometimes have the same behavior as humans, discover things that might help humans


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