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  1. Facts/info gained by direct observation or experience
    i.e. watching someone do something
  2. A: allows prediction
    D: correlation does not mean causation
  3. Scientific study of human and animal behavior
  4. How behavior & mental abilities help people adapt to environments
    William, James
  5. Tendency to consider a personal description accurate if in general terms
  6. Emphasizes internal conflicts, motives & unconcious forces

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  1. Psuedo-psychologyFalse and unscientific system of beliefs and practices offered as explanation


  2. BehaviorismPeople are good by nature, strive to reach full potential
    Rogers, Maslow


  3. NaturalisticA: looking at behavior in a natural setting
    D: no control over variables


  4. LongitudinalA: allows prediction
    D: correlation does not mean causation


  5. ExperimentalA: shows cause/effect
    D: extraneous variables


  6. Covert/overt behaviorbehavior: response to environment
    covert: what you do internally
    overt: things that are observable


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