surgical technology chapter 24 neurosurgery

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Which procedure requires two mayo stands to prevent contamination?

Transpheniodal Hypophysectomy

Which nerve controls voluntary muscles of the pharynx, larynx, palate; sternocleidomastoid, trapezius muscles?


What can a previous ventricular peritoneal shunt placement cause?

smaller ventricles

What term describes origin of smell?


During a crainiotomy for aneurysm repair what med prevents vasospasm?


Which malignant tumor of the brain cannot be totally excised?


What is the most common type of slow-growing intracranial neoplasm?


Which tumor is marked by vertigo, loss of hearing, facial pain, headache?

Acoustic neuroma

Brain hemorrhages are typically the result of?

Uncontrolled hypertention and athersclerosis

Cerebral aneurysms are typically found where?

At points of bifurication in the arteries of the Circle of Willis

All are true for a subdural hemotoma except:

Blood pressure strips dura away from the skull causing more bleeding. (False bc an epidural hemotoma does this)

A platelike thickening or layer of ectoderm appearing in the embryo


The medulla oblongata controls:

All the Above:
breathing rythm heart rate, blood pressure

The outermost layer of the meninges

Dura mater

Structures in the ventricles of the CSF fluid

Coroid plexus

Shallow groove on the brain


Deep groove on the brain


The cerebral hemisphere are connected by a deep bridge called

Corpus collosum

The ______ serves as a relay station for sensory impulses by channeling them for interpretation.


The area that occurs in the left cerbral hemisphere and coordinates the complex muscular movements associated with speech

Broca's area

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