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  1. The English Judicature Acts 1873 & 1875
  2. Treaty of Waitangi Amendment Act 1985
  3. Maori Affairs Amendment Act 1967
  4. Corbett v Social Security Commission 1962
  5. Families Commission Act 2003
  1. a ⊕ Passed under a national government
    ⊕ Free up more Maori land for sale
    ⊕ Maori protested this and the act led to Maori civil rights movements in the 1970's
  2. b ⊕ Allowed the Waitangi tribunal to investigate breaches of the treaty that took place between 1840-1975
  3. c ⊕ Combined the administration of common law and equity and created a Supreme Court covering all jurisdictions
  4. d ⊕ Established the families commission
    ⊕ United Future idea that the labour government supported as they need United Future in their coalition to make a majority in the house
  5. e ⊕ Concerned access to official information
    ⊕ New Zealand Court of Appeal followed a Privy Council decision rather than a House of Lords one
    ⊕ Decided that the House of Lords had no formal jurisdiction over the New Zealand Courts
    ⊕ A landmark decision as the new separate Court of Appeal followed a precedent from the Privy Council and not the top court of England, the House of Lords

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  1. ⊕ James I declared that whenever common law and equity conflicted, equity would prevail
  2. ⊕ Increased the role of Maori in the New Zealand legal system
    ⊕ Created four Maori seats in parliament
  3. ⊕ Passed under a Labour Government
    ⊕ Provided 'cradle to the grave' government support in NZ
    ⊕ Includes the Superannuation benefit, Family benefit and the Unemployment benefit
  4. ⊕ Part of New Zealand's unwritten constitution
    ⊕ Ensures an election is held every three years
  5. ⊕ Created the modern tort of negligence
    ⊕ Decision part of New Zealand common law
    ⊕ Duty to another party is breached causing a loss of some sort
    ⊕ Importance lessened in New Zealand due to personal injury negligence claims being resolved with the ACC fund from the Accident Compensation Act 1972

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  1. Millar v Ministry of Transport 1986⊕ Openly showed New Zealand taking an independent path with case law
    ⊕ Britain's influence was changing and slowly deminishing


  2. Resource Management Act 1991⊕ Embodies Maori land law
    ⊕ Prevents alienation of Maori land
    ⊕ Helps Maori to retain land
    ⊕ Maori customary land ownership strengthened


  3. Entick v Carrington 1765⊕ Charles I signed this document, under pressure from the parliament
    ⊕ It petitioned the King to desist from raising taxes without Parliament's consent, and from breaching civil rights through arbitrary arrests and the imposition of marshall law


  4. Crimes Act 1961⊕ Criminal law was codified in an individual statute


  5. Electoral Act 1893⊕ New Zealand the first nation to give women the vote


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