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  1. February 1840
  2. Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. 1893
  3. Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004
  4. Maori Affairs Amendment Act 1967
  5. 1295
  1. a ⊕ Took away Maori rights
    ⊕ Statute passed because of the implications that would be caused from the Attorney-General v Ngati Apa 2003 case
    ⊕ Guaranteed public access to the foreshore and seabed
    ⊕ regulated the use of the foreshore and seabed
    ⊕ protected existing maori customary rights associated with the foreshore and seabed
    ⊕ The anger this act caused with Maori led to the formation of the Maori Party
    ⊕ The act has been repealed by the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act
  2. b ⊕ Passed under a national government
    ⊕ Free up more Maori land for sale
    ⊕ Maori protested this and the act led to Maori civil rights movements in the 1970's
  3. c ⊕ 6th February 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed
    ⊕ Between Hobson as a Crown official and most Maori chiefs of the Northland region
  4. d ⊕ This case established the necessary requirements for contract formation
    ⊕ For a contract to be valid there needs to be an offer, acceptance and consideration
  5. e ⊕ Model parliament introduced by Edward I
    ⊕ New Zealand's parliament based on this

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  1. ⊕ Openly showed New Zealand taking an independent path with case law
    ⊕ Britain's influence was changing and slowly deminishing
  2. ⊕ Concerned access to official information
    ⊕ New Zealand Court of Appeal followed a Privy Council decision rather than a House of Lords one
    ⊕ Decided that the House of Lords had no formal jurisdiction over the New Zealand Courts
    ⊕ A landmark decision as the new separate Court of Appeal followed a precedent from the Privy Council and not the top court of England, the House of Lords
  3. ⊕ Enshrined the Wi Parata view of native title
    ⊕ Native title could not be recognised unless supported by a Crown grant
  4. ⊕ Britain no longer able to make laws for Australia
    ⊕ Same year and similar to New Zealand's Constitution Act 1986
  5. ⊕ Passed under a Labour Government
    ⊕ Provided 'cradle to the grave' government support in NZ
    ⊕ Includes the Superannuation benefit, Family benefit and the Unemployment benefit

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  1. Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865⊕ Extended the independence of the New Zealand legislature
    ⊕ New Zealand could now make laws that conflicted with that of Britain, so long as the laws did not extend to New Zealand specifically


  2. Habeas Corpus Act 1640⊕ This act incorporated the rights of accused people after arrest


  3. Salomon v Salomon & Co 1897⊕ Decision made in the British House of Lords
    ⊕ Confirmed separate legal identity of the limited liability company from an individual


  4. 1839⊕ The boundaries of the British colony of New South Wales was extended to include New Zealand
    ⊕ This was pending Britain's acquisition of sovereignty over New Zealand


  5. 1660⊕ Monarchy restored


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