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  1. Donoghue v Stevenson 1932
  2. Bognuda v Upton & Shearer Ltd 1972
  3. New Zealand Settlements Act 1863
  4. Te Weehi v Regional Fisheries Officer 1896
  5. The English Judicature Acts 1873 & 1875
  1. a ⊕ Combined the administration of common law and equity and created a Supreme Court covering all jurisdictions
  2. b ⊕ Challenged Prendergasts view in Wi Parata case
    ⊕ J Williamson recognised Maori customary fishing rights and native title - Article 2 of the treaty
  3. c ⊕ Created the modern tort of negligence
    ⊕ Decision part of New Zealand common law
    ⊕ Duty to another party is breached causing a loss of some sort
    ⊕ Importance lessened in New Zealand due to personal injury negligence claims being resolved with the ACC fund from the Accident Compensation Act 1972
  4. d ⊕ A statute that was passed in order to confiscate Maori land
  5. e ⊕ Affirmed the Corbett stance
    ⊕ Followed the Privy Council rather than the House of Lords

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  1. ⊕ Concerned access to official information
    ⊕ New Zealand Court of Appeal followed a Privy Council decision rather than a House of Lords one
    ⊕ Decided that the House of Lords had no formal jurisdiction over the New Zealand Courts
    ⊕ A landmark decision as the new separate Court of Appeal followed a precedent from the Privy Council and not the top court of England, the House of Lords
  2. ⊕ Decision made in the British House of Lords
    ⊕ Confirmed separate legal identity of the limited liability company from an individual
  3. ⊕ Passed under a national government
    ⊕ Free up more Maori land for sale
    ⊕ Maori protested this and the act led to Maori civil rights movements in the 1970's
  4. ⊕ Disputes tribunal set up
    ⊕ Takes pressure of the traditional courts
    ⊕ Different from Britain
  5. ⊕ Employment Court established

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  1. Hoani Te Heuheu Tukino v Aotea District Maori Land Board 1941⊕ During the WWII
    ⊕ Recognised the treaty as one of cession - not a simple nullity
    ⊕ Did support Prendergasts view that the treaty had no legally binding effect unless incorporated in a statute
    ⊕ Privy Council decision - highest court for New Zealand at this time
    ⊕ Privy Council ruling binds lower courts to adhere to this reasoning
    ⊕ Against article 2 of treaty "undisturbed possession of lands..."
    ⊕ Privy Council view the treaty as an international law document contrary to Predergasts view of the treaty


  2. Resource Management Act 1991⊕ Relied on by individuals when they allege to have been ripped off when buying goods and services


  3. Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975⊕ Waitangi Tribunal Established


  4. Petition of Rights 1627⊕ Charles I signed this document, under pressure from the parliament
    ⊕ It petitioned the King to desist from raising taxes without Parliament's consent, and from breaching civil rights through arbitrary arrests and the imposition of marshall law


  5. Companies Act 1993⊕ Limited Liability Businesses set up under this act
    ⊕ Salomon v Salomon & Co case law example
    ⊕ Corporate Law


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