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  1. Millar v Ministry of Transport 1986
  2. Electoral Act 1993
  3. Te Weehi v Regional Fisheries Officer 1896
  4. February 1840
  5. Habeas Corpus Act 1640
  1. a ⊕ Openly showed New Zealand taking an independent path with case law
    ⊕ Britain's influence was changing and slowly deminishing
  2. b ⊕ Challenged Prendergasts view in Wi Parata case
    ⊕ J Williamson recognised Maori customary fishing rights and native title - Article 2 of the treaty
  3. c ⊕ 6th February 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed
    ⊕ Between Hobson as a Crown official and most Maori chiefs of the Northland region
  4. d ⊕ This act incorporated the rights of accused people after arrest
  5. e ⊕ Part of New Zealand's unwritten constitution
    ⊕ Ensures an election is held every three years

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  1. ⊕ Decision made in the British House of Lords
    ⊕ Confirmed separate legal identity of the limited liability company from an individual
  2. ⊕ Created the United Kingdom of Great Britian
  3. ⊕ Unique New Zealand approach
  4. ⊕ New Zealand became a dominion
  5. ⊕ The New Zealand provincial system was abolished
    ⊕ New Zealand was too small to sustain this type of government set up
    ⊕ This caused the New Zealand government to become more and more centralised

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  1. Petition of Rights 1627⊕ Charles I signed this document, under pressure from the parliament
    ⊕ It petitioned the King to desist from raising taxes without Parliament's consent, and from breaching civil rights through arbitrary arrests and the imposition of marshall law


  2. Privacy Act 1993⊕ Criminal law was codified in an individual statute


  3. New Zealand Constitution (Amendment) Act 1947⊕ A statute that was passed in order to confiscate Maori land


  4. Statute of Westminster 1931⊕ Britain passed this act
    ⊕ The act was able to be adopted by dominions of the Commonwealth and it made the dominions self-governing
    ⊕ New Zealand took 16 years to adopt the statute


  5. 1642-1651⊕ English Civil War between the Monarchy and Parliament
    ⊕ Parliament were victorious


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