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  1. Scabbard (n.)
  2. Cuckold (n.)
  3. Impediment (n.)
  4. Lustihood (n.)
  5. Orison (n.)
  1. a hindrance; obstruction; obstacle
  2. b a sheath for a sword
  3. c the husband of an unfaithful wife
  4. d vigor; robustness
  5. e a prayer

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  1. not wasteful; prudently saving or sparing
  2. to attack; to batter
  3. perplexing; mysterious
  4. a beau; an admirer; a lover
  5. used as a mild oath or swear

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  1. Rheum (n.)a crucifix, oftentimes large


  2. Dotard (n.)to attack; to batter


  3. Earnest (adj.)serious in intention, purpose, or effort


  4. Ostentatious (adj.)perplexing; mysterious


  5. Dissembler (n.)one who conceals his opinions or dispositions under a false appearance; a hypocrite


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