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  1. a liquid used to dilute a specimen or reagent.
  2. Subtance or chemical being analyzed or dected in a specimen.
  3. Cylindric glass or plastic tubes used to deliver fluids.
  4. a sac filled with blood that may be the result of the trauma.
  5. A term used to describe a blood sample in which the red blood cells have ruptured.
  6. fluid within the subarachnoid space, the central canal of the spinal cord, and the four ventricles of the brain.

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  1. preservativessubstances added to a specimen to prevent deterioration of the cells or chemical.


  2. exudatesFluids with high concentration of protein and cellular debris that have escaped from the blood vessels and have been deposited in tissues or on tissue surfaces,


  3. teratogenicAbility to cause cancer


  4. specimena sample of body fluid, waste product, or tissue that is collected for analysis.


  5. aliquota liquid used to dilute a specimen or reagent.


  6. resolutionthe ability of the eye to distinguish two objectives that are very close together; the sharpness of an image.


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