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  1. Askia Muhammad
  2. Aksum
  3. Adulis
  4. Sundiata
  5. Hausa
  1. a The second great ruler of Songhai, he took over after Sunni Ali's son was run out of office.
  2. b An African Kingdom, in what is now Ethiopia and Eritrea, that reached the height of its power in the fourth century A.D.
  3. c Aksum's chief trading port, in what is now Massawa
  4. d Mali's first great ruler, who took over Ghana and established the new capital Niani.
  5. e A West African people that lived in several city-states in what is now Northern Nigeria.

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  1. The belief that spirits are present in animals, plants, and other natural objects.
  2. A historian and traveler, this devoted Muslim traveled to Mali and praised its justice system.
  3. A West African Empire that conquered Mali and controlled trade from the 1400s to 1591.
  4. When did agricultural life begin in Africa?
  5. A deadly insect that keeps people from settling near the rainforest

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  1. GriotA West African storyteller.


  2. SahelA desert roughly the size of the United States


  3. Gold and SaltThe two largest Yoruba kingdoms.


  4. Mansa MusaWhich empire governed in independent city states?


  5. San and BaMbutiWhich two tribes are still hunters and gatherers?


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