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  1. Sahara and Kalahari
  2. Kilwa
  3. Hunter-gatherers
  4. 1400 A.D.
  5. Adulis
  1. a What type of lifestyle do the Efe live?
  2. b A major trading civilization that traded with India.
  3. c Aksum's chief trading port, in what is now Massawa
  4. d What are the two largest deserts in Africa?
  5. e When was Djenne Djeno abandoned?

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  1. When was Great Zimbabwe abandoned?
  2. Where do the Efe live?
  3. Possibly Sundiata's grandnephew, he ruled from 1312 to 1332.
  4. An African Kingdom, in what is now Ethiopia and Eritrea, that reached the height of its power in the fourth century A.D.
  5. The Nok were the first known African people to ___________.

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  1. BeninA kingdom that arose near the Niger river delta in the 1300s and became a major West African state in the 1400s.


  2. Great ZimbabweThe Nok were the first known African people to ___________.


  3. AnimismThe belief that spirits are present in animals, plants, and other natural objects.


  4. YorubaA West African people who formed several kingdoms in what is now Benin and Southern Nigeria.


  5. Terracesa new form of agriculture in Aksum, in which stepped ridges constructed on mountain slopes help retain water and reduce erosion.


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