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  1. 6000 B.C.
  2. Sunni Ali
  3. Mutapa
  4. Griot
  5. Yoruba
  1. a A West African storyteller.
  2. b A West African people who formed several kingdoms in what is now Benin and Southern Nigeria.
  3. c First great ruler of Songhai
  4. d When did agricultural life begin in Africa?
  5. e Relating to a southern African empire established by Mutota in the 15th century A.D.

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  1. Which two tribes are still hunters and gatherers?
  2. The two largest Yoruba kingdoms.
  3. Means "War Chief"
  4. Which empire governed in independent city states?
  5. Where did the first humans appear in Africa?

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  1. Tsetse flyFirst great ruler of Songhai


  2. Stateless societiesThe Nok were the first known African people to ___________.


  3. Sahara and KalahariWhich two tribes are still hunters and gatherers?


  4. BeninAfrica is the __________ largest continent in the world.


  5. Ibn BattutaA historian and traveler, this devoted Muslim traveled to Mali and praised its justice system.


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