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  1. Terraces
  2. A Christian prisoner of war
  3. Hunter-gatherers
  4. Under Ezana, from 325 A.D. to 360 A.D.
  5. Swahili
  1. a a new form of agriculture in Aksum, in which stepped ridges constructed on mountain slopes help retain water and reduce erosion.
  2. b When did the Aksum Empire reach its height?
  3. c Who taught Ezana?
  4. d A mix of the original Bantu language and Arabic.
  5. e What type of lifestyle do the Efe live?

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  1. The oldest known city in Africa South of the Sahara, it was discovered in 1977, with artifacts dating back from 250 B.C.
  2. Who was the original founder of Aksum?
  3. An African Kingdom, in what is now Ethiopia and Eritrea, that reached the height of its power in the fourth century A.D.
  4. The speakers of a related group of languages, who, beginning about 2000 years ago, migrated from West Africa into most of the Southern half of Africa.
  5. Why did the Bantu people migrate?

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  1. The Almohads united the Maghrib under one rule for the first time.Who was the original founder of Aksum?


  2. Ibn BattutaPossibly Sundiata's grandnephew, he ruled from 1312 to 1332.


  3. YorubaWhich empire participated significantly in the slave trade?


  4. Askia MuhammadThe second great ruler of Songhai, he took over after Sunni Ali's son was run out of office.


  5. MaliGhana's rulers converted to _________.


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