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  1. Tsetse fly
  2. Sahara and Kalahari
  3. Terraces
  4. Ghana
  5. 1450
  1. a A deadly insect that keeps people from settling near the rainforest
  2. b When was Great Zimbabwe abandoned?
  3. c a new form of agriculture in Aksum, in which stepped ridges constructed on mountain slopes help retain water and reduce erosion.
  4. d What are the two largest deserts in Africa?
  5. e Means "War Chief"

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  1. A desert roughly the size of the United States
  2. Why did Aksum fall?
  3. Which empire participated significantly in the slave trade?
  4. A West African Empire that conquered Mali and controlled trade from the 1400s to 1591.
  5. Which empire governed in independent city states?

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  1. ZoskalesThe African region along the southern border of the Sahara.


  2. Bantu-speaking peoplesThe speakers of a related group of languages, who, beginning about 2000 years ago, migrated from West Africa into most of the Southern half of Africa.


  3. 632-750When was Great Zimbabwe abandoned?


  4. BeninA kingdom that arose near the Niger river delta in the 1300s and became a major West African state in the 1400s.


  5. The Great Rift ValleyWhere did the first humans appear in Africa?


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