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Photoshop ACA Exam 0 Test

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  2. Automate
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  5. GIF
  1. a A layer with a white box and a T in it represents what kind of layer:
  2. b Ideal image format for optimizing areas of solid color and lines, like illustrations, logos, cartoons, line art, and text.
  3. c To create a contact sheet in CS3, click File> _________.
  4. d RGB images have ___ bits of information per channel, and an image bit depth of 24.
  5. e If a histogram has much black on the left, the image contains ____ dark areas.

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  1. Use this feature to export layer comps to create a PDF presentation showing multiple versions.
  2. When using the Shape tool, if you select the first option on the Options bar (looks ilke a box), you would create a new:
  3. Images made up of individual pixels, which do not scale well.
  4. Tool that paints the current foreground color and creates a hard edged line
  5. By default, the red area in quickmask mode indicates the area of the image that is:

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  1. Retouching toolsScreen, color, hard light, multiply, hue, and darken are examples of:


  2. LassoThis tool allows you to draw freehand selections.


  3. 256 values of grayBy default, painting with a black brush in quickmask mode ____ the selection.


  4. BrighterTo make an image appear sharper, the Unsharp Mask command makes the edge of the bright side:


  5. Photoshop PSDThis "negative space" is the space between elements in a composition


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