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  1. Blending modes
  2. Histogram
  3. Anti-aliasing
  4. Spacebar
  5. Shift
  1. a Produces smooth-edged type by partially filling edge pixels to the edges of the type blend into the background.
  2. b To move a selection while drawing it, hold:
  3. c To temporarily switch to the Hand Tool and move the image, hold down:
  4. d This shows a bar graph with 255 different shades from pitch black to pure white, and how much of the photo has of each particular shade
  5. e Screen, color, hard light, multiply, hue, and darken are examples of:

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  1. To easily select all anchor points on a path with the Direct Selection Tool, you would click on an anchor point while holding:
  2. To automatically adjust the color balance to an image, click Image>Adjustment>
  3. To use the Clone Stamp, hold this button while selecting the area to be cloned.
  4. To select individual parts of a shape, which tool would you use?
  5. By default, the red area in quickmask mode indicates the area of the image that is:

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  1. Selection toolsLasso, quick selection, magic wand


  2. Quick mask modeOn the button of the toolbar, the button that is a rectangle with a white circle inside is used to activate:


  3. Layer effectsThis is a snapshot of current layer visibility, position, and appearance; designers often create multiple compositions of a design layout to show clients.


  4. FeatheringImages constructed from mathematical formulas, which can be scaled up without quality loss.


  5. Rendering intentThe way colors are converted from one system to another--from Photoshop to your printer.


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