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  1. Layer Comp
  2. isolates
  3. Clone stamp
  4. Layer effects
  5. GIF
  1. a This tool can be used to paint one part of an image over another part of any open document that uses the same color mode.
  2. b Gradient overlay, pattern overlay, inner glow, and satin are examples of:
  3. c Indexed 8-bit color images would in this format.
  4. d A selection _______ an area of pixels in an image so you can edit that area without affecting the rest.
  5. e This is a snapshot of current layer visibility, position, and appearance; designers often create multiple compositions of a design layout to show clients.

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  1. To select individual parts of a shape, which tool would you use?
  2. To create a contact sheet in CS3, click File> _________.
  3. Images constructed from mathematical formulas, which can be scaled up without quality loss.
  4. Lasso, quick selection, magic wand
  5. To temporarily disable snapping while dragging an object, you have to hold which key?

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  1. Healing brushThis tool corrects imperfections by letting them disappear into the surrounding image and matches texture, lighting, transparency, and shading of pixels.


  2. Quick selectionThis tool lets you quickly paint over an area of an image to make selections.


  3. MarqueeThis tool allows you to select in certain shapes, such as oval or rectangle.


  4. Not selectedBy default, the red area in quickmask mode indicates the area of the image that is:


  5. ClickTo use the redeye tool, located under the spot healing brush, activate the tool and ____ on the redeye.


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