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  1. Rendering intent
  2. Replace color
  3. Clipping
  4. Not selected
  5. Shift
  1. a To move a selection while drawing it, hold:
  2. b By default, the red area in quickmask mode indicates the area of the image that is:
  3. c The way colors are converted from one system to another--from Photoshop to your printer.
  4. d On a histogram, this means that the color value of a pixel has either been pushed to pure black or pure white (all the way left or right); when this happens, that part of the image contains no detail.
  5. e This function lets you change hue/saturation of certain colors; you adjust the fuzziness to select more or less of the color.

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  1. To adjust a shape's path, click Path Selection and select this tool.
  2. To automatically adjust the color balance to an image, click Image>Adjustment>
  3. Images constructed from mathematical formulas, which can be scaled up without quality loss.
  4. To increase the saturation of the colors in an image that are less saturation, while not oversaturating colors that are already very saturation, you can use which adjustment?
  5. To make Guides snap to Ruler increments, which key would you hold down while dragging the Guide?

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  1. MatteTo subtract from an active selection, hold this wil using a selection tool:


  2. 256 values of grayA channel can contain:


  3. Subtracts fromUse this feature to export layer comps to create a PDF presentation showing multiple versions.


  4. LiquifyWith this filter, you can push, pull, reflect, pucker, or bloat any area of an image.


  5. Magnetic lassoWith this tool, the selection border snaps to edges of defined areas of an image.


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