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  1. Yes
  2. Type
  3. Quick selection
  4. Hides all other layers
  5. Scripts
  1. a Does this tool have a blending mode option? Paint Bucket
  2. b This tool lets you quickly paint over an area of an image to make selections.
  3. c Use this feature to export layer comps to create a PDF presentation showing multiple versions.
  4. d Alt-clicking on the eye icon next to a layer:
  5. e A layer with a white box and a T in it represents what kind of layer:

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  1. With this tool, the selection border snaps to edges of defined areas of an image.
  2. RGB images have ___ bits of information per channel, and an image bit depth of 24.
  3. To make an image appear sharper, the Unsharp Mask command makes the edge of the bright side:
  4. To make a perfect circle with the elliptical marquee, hold this while drawing:
  5. To temporarily switch to the Hand Tool and move the image, hold down:

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  1. ManyTo easily select all anchor points on a path with the Direct Selection Tool, you would click on an anchor point while holding:


  2. ControlImages constructed from mathematical formulas, which can be scaled up without quality loss.


  3. LassoThis tool allows you to draw freehand selections.


  4. BlackMoving the blackpoint slider in the Levels adjustment to the right makes all the colors to the left of it:


  5. PencilIdeal image format for optimizing areas of solid color and lines, like illustrations, logos, cartoons, line art, and text.


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