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  1. Direct selection
  2. Quick selection
  3. Not selected
  4. 8
  5. Histogram
  1. a This tool lets you quickly paint over an area of an image to make selections.
  2. b By default, the red area in quickmask mode indicates the area of the image that is:
  3. c This shows a bar graph with 255 different shades from pitch black to pure white, and how much of the photo has of each particular shade
  4. d To adjust a shape's path, click Path Selection and select this tool.
  5. e All filters will work with ___-bit images.

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  1. To reduce the selected layers into one layer, which command would you use?
  2. To create a contact sheet in CS3, click File> _________.
  3. To make a perfect circle with the elliptical marquee, hold this while drawing:
  4. Clone stamp, healing brush, patch
  5. To increase the saturation of the colors in an image that are less saturation, while not oversaturating colors that are already very saturation, you can use which adjustment?

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  1. 256 values of grayA channel can contain:


  2. Magnetic lassoProduces smooth-edged type by partially filling edge pixels to the edges of the type blend into the background.


  3. ShiftTo make Guides snap to Ruler increments, which key would you hold down while dragging the Guide?


  4. GIFTo easily select all anchor points on a path with the Direct Selection Tool, you would click on an anchor point while holding:


  5. Pattern stampTool paints whatever you have curently selected in the Pattern picker.


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