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  1. explanation of benefits (EOB)
  2. billing cycle
  3. copayment
  4. payer
  5. remittance advice (RA)
  1. a private or government organization that insures or pays for health care on the behalf of beneficiaries.
  2. b paper document form a payer that shows how the amount of a benefit was determined
  3. c a explanation of benefits transmitted electronically by payer to a provider.
  4. d a small fixed fee paid by the patient at the time of an office visit.
  5. e regugular squedule of sending statements to patients

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  1. a type of managed care in which a high-deductible/low-premium insurance plan is combined with a pretax saving account to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses, up to the deductible limit
  2. .a software program that automates many of the administrative and financial tasks required to run a madical practice
  3. process of assigning standardize codes to diagnises and procedures
  4. .a person who buys an insurance plan; the insured
  5. health plan that repays the policyholder for covered medical expenses

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  1. procedure codemedical treatment provided by a physician or other health care provider.


  2. health plana list of all services performed for a patient, along with the charges for each service.


  3. procedurea code that identifies a medical service.


  4. diagnosisa standardize value that represents a patien's illness, signs, and syptoms


  5. health maintenance organization (HMO).managed care network of health care providers who agree to perform services for plan members at discounted fees


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