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  1. procedure code
  2. medical necessity
  3. accounts receivable(AR)
  4. health plan
  5. practice management program (PMP)
  1. a a plan, program, or organization that provides health benifits.
  2. b monies that are flowing into a business
  3. c .a software program that automates many of the administrative and financial tasks required to run a madical practice
  4. d a code that identifies a medical service.
  5. e treament provided by a physycian to a patient for the purpose of preventing, diagnosing, or treating an illness, injury, or its symptoms in a manner that is appropriate and provided in accordance with generally accepted standards of medical practice.

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  1. regugular squedule of sending statements to patients
  2. .a peson who analyzes and codes patient diagnoses, procedures, and symptoms
  3. medical treatment provided by a physician or other health care provider.
  4. health plan that repays the policyholder for covered medical expenses
  5. the periodic amount of money the insured pays to a health plan for insurance coverage.

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  1. health maintenance organization (HMO).managed care network of health care providers who agree to perform services for plan members at discounted fees


  2. encounter formthe flow of financial transactions in a bissiness


  3. statementa small fixed fee paid by the patient at the time of an office visit.


  4. consumer-driven health plan (CDPH)a plan, program, or organization that provides health benifits.


  5. payerprivate or government organization that insures or pays for health care on the behalf of beneficiaries.


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