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  1. formal essay
  2. autobiography
  3. generalization
  4. journal
  5. history
  1. a an account of a person's life written by himself
  2. b recording of past events, persons and places
  3. c a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use
  4. d a relatively impersonal essay in which the author writes as an authority and expounds on the subject in an orderly way
  5. e a general principle or conclusion which is drawn from an examination of details

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  1. that which conforms to fact and reality. Truth may be either objective or subjective depending upon the person's point of view
  2. an article in a newspaper or magazine that gives the editor's or author's point of view.
  3. the author assumes a tone of intimacy with his audience, tends to deal with everyday things rather than with public affairs or specialized topics, and writes in a relaxed, self-revelatory, and often whimsical fashion
  4. a comparison of two or more similar objects which suggests that if they are alike in certain respects, they will probably be alike in other ways as well
  5. The author incorporates personal experiences into his writing or projects into the narrative his personal disposition, judgments, values, and feelings.

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  1. objective truthThe author presents situations or the characters' thoughts, feelings, and actions in a detached, noncommittal manner


  2. voicea term used in a discussion of style to identify the person or personality speaking in a literary work


  3. themethe idea, universal truth, or commentary on life or people emphasized by a literary work


  4. biographyan account of a person's life written by someone else


  5. news storyIt is a factual recording of current events, persons and places and appears in the newspaper or magazine; it answers the questions, "Who? What? When? Why? Where? How?"


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