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  1. effortful processing
  2. amnesia
  3. drive-reduction theory
  4. deja vu
  5. sensory memory duration
  1. a 1/4 second
  2. b the loss of memory
  3. c the idea that a physiological need creatures an aroused tension state
  4. d the eerie sense that "I've experienced this before"
  5. e encoding that requires attention and conscious effort

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  1. a newer understanding of short tem memory that focuses on conscious, active processing of incoming auditory and visual spatial information, and of information retrieved from long term memory
  2. educate, affluent, females, high correlation with obsessive compulsive disorder and depression
  3. Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence
  4. resistance then exhaustion
  5. succeed in their careers

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  1. relearninginvolves modification of information to fit the preferred format of the memory system


  2. refectory perioda resting period after orgasm , during which a an cannot achieve another orgasm


  3. a major obstacle to problem solving is fixation which is ainability to view a problem from a new perspective


  4. on reason false memories form is our tendency to fill in memory gaps with our assumptions about events. This tendency is an example of1 year


  5. catharsisemotional release


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