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  1. James-Lange theory
  2. we may recognize a face in the crowd but be unable to recall where we know the person from. this is an example of
  3. Stanford-Binet
  4. sexual orientation
  5. telegraphic speech
  1. a an enduring sexual attraction toward members of either one's attraction toward member of either the same or other sex
  2. b the widely used American revision
  3. c source amnesia
  4. d early speech stage in which a child speaks like a telegram "go car" using mostly nouns and verbs
  5. e the theory that our experience of emotion is our awareness of our physiological responses to emotion arousing stimuli

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  1. physiological, cognitive and behavioral
  2. the tendency for distributed study or practice to yield better long term retention than is achieved through massed study or practice
  3. the activation, often unconsciously of particular associations in memory
  4. memory aids, especially those techniques that used vivid imagery and organizational devices
  5. a methodical logical rule or procedure that guarantees solving a particular problem

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  1. Schachter's Two factorarousal and label or interpretation produced by emotion


  2. Working memory functionbriefly holds information that will move to working memory


  3. intelligence testa method for assessing an individual's mental aptitude and comparing them with those of others using numerical scores


  4. 3 sexual motivationssocial-cultural influence, psychological influence, and biological influence


  5. one-word stagebeginning about age 2 the stage in speech development during which a child speaks mostly two word statements


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