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  1. Voice traffice is fairly constant. Data traffice is short bursts with long silences. Circuit switching is not efficient with data.
  2. Circuit is an end-to-end connection between two subscribers. Capacity is reserved on all trunk lines and switches.
  3. A cell is an area covered by a cellsite with antenna and equipment to serve mobile phones in the cell. The MTSO coordinates activity among the cellsites. It connects wired customers via a POP.
  4. Converts digital computer signals to analog and sent over telephone lines. 3G is for sending data faster with a speed 2-3 Mbps. WiMAX is to replace DSL, Cable and cellular service with 1-4 Mbps. Satellite is very expensive because of long transmission distance. Two way data transmission is expensive. Some carriers are pushing fiber directly to the home with 100 Mbps or more.

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  1. What is the thrust of Nyquist's formula? (Sampling rate should be twice the bandwidth)Analog is electrical signals made from pressure waves.Digital is either on or off.


  2. Describe the general structure of the PSTN - local loop, transport core, trunk lineCustomer premises Equipment consists of telephones, wires, and other infrastructure on the customer premises. Most business have a PBX. It acts like switchboard. Local Loop- the access line to the customer. Transport-Carriage of voice during a conversation


  3. What is DAC? ADC?DAC is Digital to Analog Conversion where as ADV is Analog to Digital conversion.


  4. Where are analog and digital signals used in the PSTN?Analog is electrical signals made from pressure waves.Digital is either on or off.


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