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  1. fief
  2. plague
  3. anti-Semitism
  4. scholasticism
  5. Scandinavia
  1. a
    under feudalism, the land a lord granted to a vassal in exchange for military service and loyalty
  2. b
    hatred of Jews
  3. c
    Consists of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in northern Europe.
  4. d
    medieval way of thinking that tried to bring together reason and faith in studies of religion
  5. e
    disease that spreads quickly and kills many people

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  1. belief that differs from or contradicts the accepted teachings of a religion

  2. group that decides whether there is enough evidence to accuse a person of a crime

  3. Capital of Ukraine, on the Dnieper River

  4. agreement between the pope and the ruler of a country

  5. steep-sided valley that is an inlet of the sea

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  1. Orleans
    Catholic worship service


  2. clergy
    religious officials, such as priests, given authority to conduct religious services


  3. Venice
    City and seaport in northeastern Italy.


  4. guild
    steep-sided valley that is an inlet of the sea


  5. missionary
    person who travels to carry the ideas of a religion to others


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