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  1. Aachen
  2. concordat
  3. Crecy
  4. knight
  5. Reconquista
  1. a
    Christian struggle to take back the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims
  2. b
    in the Middle Ages, a noble warrior who fought on horseback
  3. c
    City in Germany near the Belgian and Dutch borders; capital of Charlemange's Frankish empire.
  4. d
    Site in France of battle in which England defeated France in 1346.
  5. e
    agreement between the pope and the ruler of a country

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  1. City in north central France.

  2. Lands in western and central Europe, empire founded by Charlemagne.

  3. religious officials, such as priests, given authority to conduct religious services

  4. steep-sided valley that is an inlet of the sea

  5. person who travels to carry the ideas of a religion to others

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  1. mass
    in feudalism, a noble who held land from and served a higher-ranking lord, and in return was given protection


  2. fief
    Capital of Ukraine, on the Dnieper River


  3. serf
    under feudalism, the land a lord granted to a vassal in exchange for military service and loyalty


  4. Scandinavia
    group that decides whether there is enough evidence to accuse a person of a crime


  5. vassal
    Catholic worship service


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