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  1. Pinniped Migration
  2. What causes marine mammal strandings?
  3. Where would a map be stored in the brain
  4. Musk Ox
  5. Belding's Ground Squirrels relative
  1. a Many species of seals and sea lions migrate thousands of kilometers each year from island breeding and molting sites to feeding areas.
  2. b The hippocampus
  3. c In Belding's ground squirrels,
    females are philopatric and
    engage in altruistic alarm calling,
    whereas males who disperse
    away from relatives do not make
    alarm calls. This suggests an optimal
    inbreeding strategy in which
    matings between close relatives
    are avoided, but matings with
    Belding's ground squirrel
    Spermophilus beldingi
    more distant relatives are favored.
  4. d Musk oxen form lines of defense
    against wolf attacks.
  5. e Many marine mammal
    strandings have been associated with changes in the earth's
    magnetic field possibly due to solar flares or areas of magnetic

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  1. how old the seafloor is in millions of years.
  2. Minimum pack size is 5,
    more than that and some can stay
    back. This minimum group size is
    called the
  3. Carnivores, Cetaceans, and Primates
  4. 1. Cooperative care of the young
    2. Reproductive castes with non-reproductive members
    caring for reproductive nest mates
    3. Overlap between generations such that offspring assist
    parents in raising siblings
  5. Wolves and lions are able to capture large species of prey - such
    as moose or Cape Buffalo - that would not be possible for individuals.

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  1. Male DispersalBecause of the prevalence of polygyny, and associated tendency for males to disperse as they reach maturity, adult males are generally not related to other adults in the group. Males leave before they reach the age of maturity (sexually) and fathers leave before their daughters reach the age of maturity


  2. Nature vs. Nurture study participantsMammals are assumed to have a cognitive map, sex differences in spatial ability


  3. Moose and Deer Habitat HomeSheep habitats consist of stable, long-lasting grass
    communities that exist in small patches where knowledge of
    location and predator avoidance is crucial.


  4. Altruisticisolated patches of rock debris


  5. Another way to maintain directionAnother way to maintain direction is to use the sun or stars as a
    compass and maintain a constant angle to it while traveling. This
    requires an internal clock to compensate for the sun moving at about 15° per hour


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