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  1. Tradition
  2. Benefits of Mammals Living In a group
  3. Does inbreeding hypothesis predict which sex should disperse?
  4. Big Horn Sheep reason for grouping
  5. Naked mole rat
  1. a a behavior passed from one generation to the next
    through the process of learning.
  2. b No. While the inbreeding hypothesis predicts that one sex should
    disperse it does not predict which sex.
  3. c in bighorn sheep the locations of feeding areas and migration routes are remembered by older members of the band and this information is transferred to subsequent generations via tradition
  4. d the "queen" reproduces, mother and young are fed
    (but not nursed) by male and female adults of the worker caste,
    another caste kept the young warm . males of this caste bred with the queen.
  5. e Benefits from Physical factors Protection against Predators Finding and Obtaining food

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  1. Detection of and communication about danger is more rapid
    when individuals are in groups and predator deterrence may be
    enhanced by mobbing and group defense.
  2. includes trips outside the
    home range, usually in search of mating opportunities or suitable
    habitat. This type of movement includes natal dispersal.
  3. Distant landmarks have been demonstrated to be used by some
  4. Carnivores, Cetaceans, and Primates
  5. Male-male competition, mate acquisition, protection of young cubs, inbreeding avoidance

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  1. Station KeepingUsed to be defined by round trip but now one-way travel also counts


  2. Most of what is known about homing comes from studies on what species?Birds but enough has been done on mammals to show that they
    use the same mechanisms. Most mammal research has been done on bats and mice.


  3. Richer Learning Environment for Young:This suggested to be very important for primates and cetaceans.
    Dependence on learning provides for greater behavioral plasticity, but it requires a long period of physiological and psychological dependence


  4. Interference with ReproductionParental care that is misdirected to
    non-offspring (suckling the wrong
    baby) and killing of young by
    non-parents are the biggest costs
    in this category


  5. Philopatric CooperationLarge ungulates migrate impressive distances as well.
    Barren ground caribou herds move migrate 1000+ km between
    wintering and summering grounds.


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