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  1. Beguile
  2. Hypocrites
  3. Quail
  4. Audible
  5. Anonymity
  1. a secrecy; being unknown
  2. b people who say they believe one way, but whose actions show they believe another
  3. c lose courage
  4. d able to hear
  5. e to deceive; cheat

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  1. enthusiastically
  2. Audacity; insulting boldness
  3. small group, usually contentious, within a larger group
  4. to escape or avoid by cleverness or deceit
  5. Extreme paleness

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  1. Lecheryunable to act or move


  2. PenitenceWork of divine direction


  3. ManifestSomething apparent to the sight or understanding


  4. AllegianceSorrow for sin


  5. DiabolismWitchcraft; sorcery


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