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  1. Remorselessly
  2. Anarchy
  3. Prodigious
  4. Indictment
  5. Menacingly
  1. a Statement of criminal charges
  2. b mercilessly; having no pity
  3. c political disorder and confusion
  4. d extraordinary; marvelous; enormous
  5. e threateningly

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  1. Work of divine direction
  2. a law
  3. people who say they believe one way, but whose actions show they believe another
  4. Summoned by oath or spell
  5. to deceive; cheat

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  1. Licentiousquarrelsome; ready to argue


  2. Propitiationextraordinary; marvelous; enormous


  3. Manifestunable to act or move


  4. AscertainIn a state of exalted delight


  5. InertAwkwardly


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