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  1. myriad
  2. magnanimous
  3. inert
  4. lexicon
  5. insipid
  1. a a dictionary; a special vocabulary
  2. b noble; generous in forgiving; free from petty feeling or acts
  3. c a large number; of a highly varied nature
  4. d having no power to act or move; inactive
  5. e without flavor; tasteless; dull; lifeless

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  1. present, but not active; hidden
  2. cannot be moved or influenced by persuasion or entreaty; unrelenting
  3. cannot be easily understood; mysterious
  4. simple in nature; not affected; innocent simplicity; childlike
  5. having to do with marriage

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  1. laudableeasily angered


  2. mercenarylack of energy; drowsiness, disinterest


  3. motleygloomy, dark, clouds


  4. mundaneof this world and not of heaven; common, worldly; not spiritual


  5. jauntylightness or gaiety of disposition; lack of seriousness


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