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  1. jaundiced
  2. myriad
  3. lexicon
  4. jettison
  5. irascible
  1. a a dictionary; a special vocabulary
  2. b a large number; of a highly varied nature
  3. c prejudiced, cynical
  4. d to throw goods overboard
  5. e easily angered

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  1. of this world and not of heaven; common, worldly; not spiritual
  2. present, but not active; hidden
  3. gloomy, dark, clouds
  4. fashionable, stylish; carefree
  5. joking, humorous

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  1. laudableeasily angered


  2. libationan alcoholic drink


  3. inerta lord, master, or sovereign


  4. intrepidwithout fear; brave


  5. maritala large number; of a highly varied nature


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