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  1. Early Blastocyst.
  2. Placenta.
  3. Breach Presenation.
  4. Normal Presentation.
  1. a
    What presentation are these babies in?
  2. b
    What is E?
  3. c
    What is D?
  4. d
    What presentation is this baby in?

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  1. What is this stage?

  2. What is A?

  3. What is A?

  4. What is G?

  5. What is D?

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  1. Inner Cell Mass.
    What is A?


  2. Amnion.
    What is A?


  3. Uterus/ Uterine Cavity.
    What is B?


  4. Uterus.
    What is C?


  5. Amniotic Cavity.
    What is B?


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