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  1. income
  2. impulse buying
  3. repossession
  4. net income
  5. dividend
  1. a to take back goods bought on credit if repayments have not been made
  2. b money received on a regular basis from work,
  3. c sum payable as pro®t for shares
  4. d the amount a person has left after income tax is deducted
  5. e buying something without giving much thought as to whether you really need it

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  1. a sum paid to authors, musicians etc. as a percentage of the proceeds from their work
  2. time during which work is done outside regular
  3. the cost of an insurance policy
  4. putting money into something in order to
  5. an organisation that keeps on ®le the

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  1. profitregular payment made by a tenant to an owner for


  2. salarya fixed amount of money paid on a regular basis


  3. wagemoney paid to others for their services


  4. debtora person who owes money


  5. garnisheedsum payable as pro®t for shares


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