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Peronsla Finance Test

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  1. debtor
  2. royalty
  3. salary
  4. fee
  5. secured loan
  1. a a sum paid to authors, musicians etc. as a percentage of the proceeds from their work
  2. b a person who owes money
  3. c a fixed amount of money paid on a regular basis
  4. d something deposited as a guarantee to
  5. e money paid to others for their services

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  1. a payment made for the use of money that has been borrowed
  2. buying something without giving much thought as to whether you really need it
  3. a document from a lender stating that a
  4. a way of saving so an employee has some money in retirement. The employer makes set payments into a superannuation fund, which the employee cannot touch until she or he reaches a certain age
  5. represent a small slice of the ownership (a

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  1. wagemoney received by workers, usually on a weekly basis, for services they provide to an employer


  2. incomemoney received on a regular basis from work,


  3. dividendsum payable as pro®t for shares


  4. credit bureauan organisation that keeps on ®le the


  5. variable expensesexpenses that change over time


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