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  1. guarantor
  2. profit
  3. commission
  4. rent
  5. variable expenses
  1. a the percentage of a sales price received by a salesperson for her or his services
  2. b regular payment made by a tenant to an owner for
  3. c expenses that change over time
  4. d someone who guarantees to pay back the money if the borrower does not
  5. e what remains after all business expenses are deducted from the sales revenue

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  1. expenses that are the same amount
  2. a fixed amount of money paid on a regular basis
  3. a person who owes money
  4. a person who is owed money
  5. a document from a lender stating that a

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  1. incomethe amount a person has left after income tax is deducted


  2. bankrupta payment made for the use of money that has been borrowed


  3. premiumthe cost of an insurance policy


  4. equitiesrepresent a small slice of the ownership (a


  5. wagemoney paid to others for their services


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