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  1. Intensive cultivation
  2. Postmodern Architecture
  3. Inner City Decay
  4. Islamic city
  5. Labor-intensive agriculture
  1. a Any kind of agricultural activity that involves effective and efficient use of labor on small plots of land to maximize crop yield
  2. b A reaction in architectural design to the feeling of sterile alienation that many people get from modern architecture. Postmodernism uses older historical styles and a sense of lightheartedness and eclecticism. Buildings combine pleasant-looking forms and playful colors to convey new ideas and to create spaces that are more people friendly than their modernist predecessors
  3. c Cities in Muslim countries that owe their structure to their religious beliefs. Islamic cities contain mosques at their center and walls guarding their perimeter. Open-air markets (bazaars), courtyards surrounded by high walls, and dead-end streets, which limit foot traffic in residential neighborhoods, also characterize Islamic cities.
  4. d Type of agriculture that requires large levels of manual labor to succeed
  5. e Those parts of large urban areas that lose significant portions of their populations as a result of change in industry or migration to suburbs. Because of these changes, the inner city loses its tax base and becomes a center of poverty.

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  1. Point of view, wherein cities and buildings are thought to act like well-oiled machines, with little energy spent on frivolous details or ornate designs. Efficient, geometrical structures made of concrete and glass dominated urban forms for half a century while this view prevailed.
  2. Geographical boundaries placed around a city to limit suburban growth within that city.
  3. Form of agriculture that uses mechanical goods such as machinery, tools, vehicles and facilities to produce large amounts of agricultural goods; a process requiring very little human labor
  4. A form of technology that uses living organisms, usually genes, to modify products, to make or modify plants and animals, or to develop other microorganisms for specific purposes
  5. All agricultural activity generated for the purpose of selling, not necessarily for local consumption

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  1. SuburbGeographical centers of activity. Large cities (like Los Angeles) may have many nodes.


  2. GhettoizationA process occurring in many inner cities in which they become dilapidated centers of poverty as affluent whites move out to the suburbs and immigrants and people of color vie for scarce jobs and resources.


  3. Primate cityA country's leading city, with a population that is disproportionately greater than other urban areas within the same country.


  4. MegalopolisSeveral metropolitan areas that were originally separate but have joined together to form a large, sprawling urban complex.


  5. Beaux ArtsPerson who left the inner city and moved to outlying suburban and rural areas


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