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  1. Pesticides
  2. Labor-intensive agriculture
  3. Postmodern Architecture
  4. Dairying
  5. Feedlots
  1. a A reaction in architectural design to the feeling of sterile alienation that many people get from modern architecture. Postmodernism uses older historical styles and a sense of lightheartedness and eclecticism. Buildings combine pleasant-looking forms and playful colors to convey new ideas and to create spaces that are more people friendly than their modernist predecessors
  2. b Chemicals used on plants that do not harm the plants, but kill pests and can have negative repercussions on other species who ingest the chemicals (including humans)
  3. c An agricultural activity involving the raising of livestock, most commonly cows and goats, for dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter
  4. d Type of agriculture that requires large levels of manual labor to succeed
  5. e Places where livestock are concentrated in a very small area and raised on hormones and hearty grains that prepare them for slaughter at a much more rapid rate than grazing; often referred to as "factory farms"

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  1. An agricultural system characterized by low inputs of labor per unit land area
  2. Centers of economic, culture and political activity that are strongly interconnected and together control the global systems of finance and commerce.
  3. Several metropolitan areas that were originally separate but have joined together to form a large, sprawling urban complex.
  4. Any farm economy in which most crops are grown for nearly exclusive family or local consumption
  5. Residential communities located outside of city centers that are usually relatively homogenous in terms of population.

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  1. Topsoil LossChemicals used on plants that do not harm the plants, but kill pests and can have negative repercussions on other species who ingest the chemicals (including humans)


  2. Modern ArchitecturePoint of view, wherein cities and buildings are thought to act like well-oiled machines, with little energy spent on frivolous details or ornate designs. Efficient, geometrical structures made of concrete and glass dominated urban forms for half a century while this view prevailed.


  3. Colonial cityCities in Europe that were mostly developed during the Medieval period and that retain many of the same characteristics such as extreme density of development with narrow buildings and winding streets, an ornate church that prominently marks the city center, and high walls surrounding the city center that provided defense against attack.


  4. DomesticationA process occurring in many inner cities in which they become dilapidated centers of poverty as affluent whites move out to the suburbs and immigrants and people of color vie for scarce jobs and resources.


  5. MechanizationIn agriculture, replacing human labor with technology or machines


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