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  1. pneum/o
  2. a-, an-
  3. bronchus (2)
  4. muc/o
  5. sinus
  1. a pair of breathing tubes that branch from the trachea into the lungs transporting air; then divides and subdivides
  2. b mucous
  3. c without
  4. d lungs; air
  5. e sinus

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  1. of or relating to the larynx and pharynx
  2. Pertaining To
  3. discharge from the nose
  4. Rapid Flow of Blood
  5. bad, difficult, painful

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  1. -aryvoice box; passageway for air moving from pharynx to trachea; contains vocal cords


  2. nas/onose


  3. rhinitisan inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose


  4. rhin/onose


  5. py/oPus


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