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  1. pharynx
  2. sinus
  3. -stomy
  4. dys-
  5. mucous
  1. a pertaining to mucus
  2. b sinus
  3. c surgical opening
  4. d throat; passageway for food to the esophagus and air to the larynx
  5. e bad, difficult, painful

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  1. mucous
  2. abnormal condition of fungus in the nose
  3. Pertaining To
  4. of or relating to the larynx and pharynx
  5. pair of breathing tubes that branch from the trachea into the lungs transporting air; then divides and subdivides

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  1. rhinoplastysurgical repair


  2. a-, an-without


  3. -ealPertaining To


  4. thorac/othorax or chest


  5. rhinorrhagiadischarge from the nose


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