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  1. Following the revolutions of 1848, the experience of and opportunities for Jews in Europe:
  2. The Napoleonic Code made French women in effect legal
  3. Name one of the two major developments affecting the economic lives of women during the Second Industrial Revolution.
  4. By 1910, which European city had the highest population?
  5. When bicycles were first invented, the ride was so rough that they were called
  1. a A large expansion in the variety of available jobs
  2. b minors
  3. c improved
  4. d boneshakers
  5. e London

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  1. a divided effort with two main opposing factions.
  2. declined or stayed the same.
  3. Great Britain.
  4. Lionel Rothschild
  5. Rejection of middle-class values

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  1. For middle-class Frenchwomen, romantic marriage was viewed as aminors


  2. The origins of the German Social Democratic Party, or SPD, can be traced to the work of:Ferdinand Lasalle


  3. The Second Industrial Revolution was associated with:the development of new industries on the Continent.


  4. The Fabian Society:was Britain's most influential socialist group.


  5. Whose steel production eclipsed that of Britain in 1893?declined or stayed the same.


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