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  1. During what phase are the chances of an egg being fertilized greatest?
  2. Which hormone is at the highest level during the first four days of the menstrual cycle?
  3. Which hormone in the female negative feedback system stimulates the repair of the uterus after menstruation?
  4. What is the urethra?
  5. For most females about what age does the menstrual cycle continue to?
  1. a Tube that runs the length of the penis; a passageway for both urine and semen
  2. b Fifty
  3. c Estrogen
  4. d Ovulation
  5. e FSH because the follicle stage helps mature the egg

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  1. Ovaries
  2. Supply fluid rich in sugar and hormones that allow the sperm to swim; fluid is semen
  3. Progesterone and Estrogen
  4. Sperm cells
  5. Release of semen containing semen

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  1. What does LH stand for; where is it produced?Testosterone - produced in the pituitary gland (brain)


  2. What happens to the uterus lining during 1-12 days as estrogen is rising?Thickens the uterus in preparation for fertilization


  3. How does the male negative feedback system control the production of sperm?Estrogen levels rise and levels get high; sends a message back to the pituitary and hypothalamus - which stops producing estrogen and sends a message to the brain telling it to stop and slow down for now


  4. What are the two female hormones?Estrogen and Progesterone


  5. What event breaks the negative feedback cycle in a female?Pregnancy


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