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  1. What is the first stage; explain?
  2. If the egg is not fertilized, a particular hormone falls below a certain level and the signals start menstruation; what hormone?
  3. What is the endometrium?
  4. What is the vagina?
  5. What is an erection?
  1. a Extension of the penis that allows the sperm to reach inside the female
  2. b Follicle stage (day one to thirteen) - High estrogen in the ovary; the endometrium thickens; high FSH (pituitary) causes the egg to mature
  3. c Estrogen
  4. d Lining in the uterus which sheds during menstruation - egg not fertilized
  5. e Entry way for the penis to deposit sperm

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  1. Tubes inside the testes where the sperm cells are formed
  2. Day 14
  3. Male sex gland - produces testosterone in which a large number of sperm are produced
  4. Clusters of cells that surround the egg that is located in the ovary
  5. Four

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  1. When FSH reaches the testes, what does it cause the production of?Sperm cells


  2. Describe Genital Herpes and its effects?Kills more people than any other STD's - suppresses the immune system


  3. What happens to the uterus lining during 1-12 days as estrogen is rising?The uterus lining is thickening


  4. What are the fallopian tubes or oviduct?Estrogen and Progesterone


  5. Describe Chlamydia and its effects?Caused by a virus - sores on genitals - can become blind or brain damage - baby can catch


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