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  1. What is testosterone?
  2. In what part of the female reproductive system does fertilization usually take place?
  3. What event breaks the negative feedback cycle in a female?
  4. What are Placentas; and what do they do?
  5. What is the uterus?
  1. a Ovaries
  2. b Site of fetal development; cool and protects and nourishes the baby
  3. c Internal development in humans; secretes hormones; site of exchange for hormones and wastes through oxygen and the process of diffusion, osmosis or active transport.
  4. d Pregnancy
  5. e Male sex hormone

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  1. Testosterone
  2. Supply fluid rich in sugar and hormones that allow the sperm to swim; fluid is semen
  3. Male sex gland - produces testosterone in which a large number of sperm are produced
  4. Thickens
  5. Estrogen

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  1. By what week are all the body system of the fetus present?First month


  2. What is the scrotum?Opening between the uterus and the birth canal


  3. In the female reproductive system the menstrual cycle triggered by the release of what?Ovaries


  4. When a female is born, does her body contain all or none of the eggs she will have in her lifetime?Oviduct


  5. Describe Chlamydia and its effects?Kills more people than any other STD's - suppresses the immune system


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