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  1. What is an ejaculation?
  2. How does the female negative feedback system control the uterine lining?
  3. What is the endometrium?
  4. What is the penis?
  5. To where does a zygote travel from the oviduct?
  1. a Lining in the uterus which sheds during menstruation - egg not fertilized
  2. b Uterus
  3. c Release of semen containing semen
  4. d Filled with blood in sinuses to allow for an extension; reproduction function transports sperm into female
  5. e Estrogen levels rise and levels get high; sends a message back to the pituitary and hypothalamus - which stops producing estrogen and sends a message to the brain telling it to stop and slow down for now

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  1. Sperm cells
  2. Internal development in humans; secretes hormones; site of exchange for hormones and wastes through oxygen and the process of diffusion, osmosis or active transport.
  3. Corpus Luteum (day fifteen to twenty one) - High LH (pituitary) levels causes the ovary to produce progesterone and high progesterone maintains the endometrium for pregnancy
  4. Tubes inside the testes where the sperm cells are formed
  5. Development of egg and ovulation

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  1. During what phase are the chances of an egg being fertilized greatest?First month


  2. While progesterone stays the same level what happens to the uterus?Thickens


  3. In what part of the female reproductive system does fertilization usually take place?Ovaries


  4. How many stages are there in the menstrual cycle?Four


  5. What does the fluid that provides energy for the sperm cells come from?Ovulation


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