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  1. By what week are all the body system of the fetus present?
  2. Which hormone in the female negative feedback system stimulates the repair of the uterus after menstruation?
  3. What are the seminal vesicles, prostate gland and cowper's gland?
  4. What are the vas deferens?
  5. What is the endometrium?
  1. a Tubes that connect the epididymis to the urethra and create a pathway for sperm to travel to the outside of the body
  2. b First month
  3. c Estrogen
  4. d Supply fluid rich in sugar and hormones that allow the sperm to swim; fluid is semen
  5. e Lining in the uterus which sheds during menstruation - egg not fertilized

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  1. Tube that runs the length of the penis; a passageway for both urine and semen
  2. Development of lining of the uterus
  3. Bacteria infection - destroys nerve tissue - causes blindness - caused madness (to go crazy) - baby can catch - sores on genitals
  4. Treatable with antibiotics - new strains are possible and may not show symptoms but also may cause severe pain - baby can catch
  5. The uterus lining is thickening

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  1. What is an ejaculation?Release of semen containing semen


  2. What hormone is released by the corpus luteum immediately after ovulation?Thickens the uterus in preparation for fertilization


  3. What is the first stage; explain?Menstruation (day twenty two to twenty eight) - Drop in estrogen and progesterone causes a breakdown of the endometrium and the unfertilized egg + the extra endometrium is released in a flow of blood; FSH increases at the end of the flow


  4. What gland secretes estrogen?Female - Ovaries and Male - Testes


  5. When does estrogen begin to surge and when does it reach its peak concentration?Surges at day ten and reaches its peak on day thirteen


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