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  1. What is the first stage; explain?
  2. In what part of the female reproductive system does fertilization usually take place?
  3. What happens as estrogen levels increase; why?
  4. In the female what does FSH stimulate?
  5. What is the second stage; explain?
  1. a Ovaries
  2. b The uterus lining thickens because it provides protection for the baby to survive
  3. c Ovulation (day fourteen) - High LH (pituitary) causes the egg to be released
  4. d Production of eggs
  5. e Follicle stage (day one to thirteen) - High estrogen in the ovary; the endometrium thickens; high FSH (pituitary) causes the egg to mature

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  1. Sheds and comes out (menstruation)
  2. Menstruation (day twenty two to twenty eight) - Drop in estrogen and progesterone causes a breakdown of the endometrium and the unfertilized egg + the extra endometrium is released in a flow of blood; FSH increases at the end of the flow
  3. Seminal vesicles and the Prostate gland
  4. Fifty
  5. Tubes that connect the ovary to the uterus during ovulation; the unfertilized egg drops from the ovary into the oviduct

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  1. What is the penis?Site of fetal development; cool and protects and nourishes the baby


  2. What is the purpose of reproduction?To create offspring to carry out our offspring; carry on through generations


  3. How does the male negative feedback system control the production of sperm?Estrogen levels rise and levels get high; sends a message back to the pituitary and hypothalamus - which stops producing estrogen and sends a message to the brain telling it to stop and slow down for now


  4. At what time during a woman's menstrual cycle is it easiest to become pregnant?Day 14


  5. What are the changes that occur monthly in the female reproduction system called?Ovulation


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