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  1. Secondary Sources
  2. The Navajo capital
  3. Navajo life
  4. herding
  5. Ranchers drove
  1. a Is written by a person(s) who where not present in what they are describing
  2. b their cattle up the Chrisholm Trail
  3. c Window Rock, Arizona
  4. d raising large numbers of animals
  5. e is a mixture of modern and traditional customs

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  1. is Navajo reservation
  2. is the part of the country that has the warm sunny climate all year .
  3. Spainish built settlements where priest taught native americans about the Christian religion
  4. a Navajo house
  5. Is that capital of the Spanish Colony

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  1. Kitt Peak, Arizonacowboys heard cattle together


  2. cattle drivetheir cattle up the Chrisholm Trail


  3. Joseph GiddenInvented barded wire in 1874


  4. Cattle DriveHard and Dangerous work ,


  5. Cattle Drives broughtcowboys heard cattle together


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